Apple iPhone 13, 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max Colors: Which to buy?

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max colors

iPhone 13, 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max Colors Introduction

There was a time when the Apple iPhone had very limited color options. Over the years, the tech giant has become more progressive with iPhone colors. Instead of sticking to safer colors like gray, white, or black, Apple now utilizes the rainbow palette quite flawlessly.

For example, iPhone 12 came in a slew of colors, including minty green, deep blue, black, white, purple, and project red. Most of these colors look stunning and users love them too.

The iPhone 13 colors are more fresh and gorgeous. After the official launch, Apple added a new iPhone 13 color in the spring. 

If you are planning to get an iPhone 13, we suggest you read this post. In this article, we will discuss the available iPhone 13 colors. Knowing all the iPhone 13 Pro Max colors in real life will help you to decide which one is best for you. So without any further ado, let’s get to the details.

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max Colors

The available Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max colors five and each of them is unique. You should choose the iPhone 13 Pro Max that matches the best with your personality.

Here is a brief rundown of iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max colors:


Silver is one of the best iPhone 13 Pro Max colours. This color is available only for Pro models in the iPhone 13 series. It gives a minimalist and sophisticated look that is perfect for users who like to keep their phones classy. In comparison to other iPhone 13 Pro Max colors, it has a colder tone.

Out of all iPhone 13 Pro colors, silver is the most common one. Users are familiar with this color since iPhone 12 Pro. The color is light and doesn’t show fingerprints. As a result, the phone will look clean all the time. Plus, it looks good with or without a case.


This is one of the iPhone 13 Pro Max colors that are quite popular among users. Before the launch of iPhone 13 Pro colors, graphite was available in iPhone 12 Pro series. This color looks like a combination of black and gray. Not only for iPhones, but it is also available for iPads. 

Graphite 13 Pro Max colors are ideal for those looking for an attractive and serious color option. This color is not too flashy and appears lighter in certain lighting conditions. Although it is a simple color, it has a unique touch to it. These iPhone 13 colors are available only for iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro models.

Sierra Blue

The next 13 Pro colors are Sierra blue or pacific blue color. It is available only for the iPhone 13 models. This is a signature iPhone 13 Pro Max colores that looks sophisticated and premium.

Sierra blue has a matte finish, so you don’t need to worry about fingerprints. Like other iPhones, the Apple logo is printed on the back. The only difference is that the logo is slightly lighter than other models. It creates a nice contrast and makes the phone look more attractive. Sierra blue colores de iPhone 13 Pro Max add class and trendiness to the phone.


This is another iPhone 13 color Pro Max that is loved by users. The gold color option has been around for a long time. It is one of the most popular iPhone 13 Max colors out there. This color is available for both iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro.

The beautiful color makes the phone look like a piece of jewel. It has a matte finish that gives a sophisticated appeal to the phone. If you want your iPhone 13 Pro Max color to stand out, you can choose this color option.

Alpine Green

This is one of the most unique iPhone 13 Pro Max colors launched by Apple. This is a new color option and is quite different from regular shades of green. The tech giant announced this iPhone 13 Pro Max color option during its annual spring event in 2022.

Like other iPhone 13 Pro Max colors, the Alpine green looks smart and sophisticated. Since this is a new color option, there’s a lot of hype about it among users.

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iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini Colors

Now that you know about iPhone 13 Pro Max colors available, let’s talk about the color options for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. Although these two models belong to the iPhone 13 series, they are available in different color choices.


The pink color option is available for iPhone 13 Mini models. It is a fresh and youthful color that is perfect for young users. It features a matte finish that looks fantastic. The pink color is not too vibrant or flashy. However, it is an eye-catching color that makes your phone look premium.

Unfortunately, iPhone 13 Pro Max color options don’t include pink. So if you like this color, you will have to get an iPhone 13 mini. The light pink hue gives a fresh and new look to the phone. To create the perfect contrast, the Apple logo on the back is printed in silver.


This is another color option that is missing from the list of iPhone Pro Max 13 colors options. Unless you buy an iPhone 13 Mini, you won’t get the Midnight color option in iPhone 13 Pro Models. It has a matte black finish that creates a sophisticated look for your phone. It is closest to the Graphite colors of iPhone 13 Pro Max.

If you are fond of a blackish smartphone, this could be the one for you. The color is very dark and blends perfectly with the camera bump. However, the Apple logo doesn’t stand out much.


Some of you might think that this blue color variant is similar to the Sierra Blue color iPhone 13 Pro Max. But in real life, the two color options look very different. 

Like most other iPhone Pro 13 colors, this one also has a matte finish. The dark silver Apple logo matches well with the blue color. This color option is best suited for conservative people who don’t want anything flashy. This blue color is perfect for daily use as well as professional setting.


This is another color option that is not available for Apple 13 Pro Max colors. This color looks similar to white. It is a traditional iPhone color and is perfect for users who want to keep their smartphones simple and classy.

Starlight is not your typical snow-white color. It has a warmer tone which makes it look more stylish and elegant. It might appear similar to the Pro color silver, however, it has a warmer undertone. The brand logo at the back is printed in silver, but it is not very prominent.


One more color option that is not available for iPhone 13 Max Pro colors. This vibrant color is suitable for those who are fond of red smartphones. It looks both attractive and daring. However, it is not suitable for professional use as the color might seem flashy to some people.

If you want an eye-catching color for your iPhone, then this could be a good choice for you. The Apple logo is printed in silver which looks perfect with the bright red color.


This iPhone colors 13 is similar to Apple 13 Pro colors Alpine Green. This is a new shade of green introduced by Apple. If you check the color, it doesn’t look anything like your regular green color. It is a more sophisticated green shade that looks quite unconventional. If you are tired of the same iPhone colors, you could go for this new shade.

Compared to iPhone 13 Pro color options, this green is slightly different. If you place both phones side by side, you will get a better idea. 

So that’s all the available Apple iPhone 13 Pro colours and iPhone 13 Mini colors. Now that you have an idea of all the color options, it should be easier to choose the right one for yourself.

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Most Popular iPhone 13 Pro Max Color

Now that you know about iPhone 13 Pro Max best color options, let’s talk about the most popular color variants. This will give you an idea about iPhone 13 Pro colors that are setting the best.

The most popular iPhone 13 color Pro is matte black. Apple users simply can’t get over the stylish matte black finish. It is a classy and sophisticated color that is suitable for everyone.

The next most popular phone 13 Pro Max colors is Sierra Blue. The stunning blue shade seems to have won the hearts of Apple users. If you want something different from black, then this color would be a good choice for you.

Both silver and gold are the best iPhone 13 Pro Max colors. These two colors are preferred by many users. 

Another iPhone 13 Pro Max colors that are popular among users is rose pink. However, this color is mostly preferred by female users.

Does iPhone 13 Pro color affect the price? 

This is a very common question asked by users. If you are planning to buy a new iPhone 13 Pro colors phone, you would want to know the answer to this.

Talking about the different 13 iPhone colors, doesn’t affect the price or resale value of the smartphone. It doesn’t matter what color option you choose, the price will remain the same.

Now that you know colores iPhone 13 Pro Max doesn’t matter, you can choose your favorite shade without any worries. Go for an iPhone 13 Pro color that goes with your personality and style. Or you can simply pick your favorite iPhone 13 Pro Max colors.

Tips To Choose iPhone 13 Pro Color

Here are some tips to choose the best iPhone 13 Pro color for yourself.

  • Choose a color option that matches best with your style and personality. If you are a conservative person, then colors like black, white, or silver will suit you the best. However, if you are a cheerful and lively person, then you can go for red, pink, or gold.
  • Choose a color based on your liking and personal preference.
  • Go for a more uncommon color variant like Alpine Green.
  • The safest color variant is black and starlight.


All the available Apple iPhone 13 colors look fresh and beautiful. As you can see the color options of the iPhone 13 Mini are different from Pro Max 13 colors. So the available color options will change depending on the model you choose. The good news is the color factor doesn’t affect the price of the phone. You can choose any of the colors you like without having to pay extra money.

FAQs about iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max Colors

Will iPhone 13 Pro Max have new colors?

The new iPhone 13 Pro Max color introduced by Apple is Alpine Green. It’s a new shade of green.

What colors does the iPhone 13 Pro Max come in?

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is available in five color options: Alpine Green, Graphite, Gold, Sierra Blue, and Silver.

Which color iPhone 13 Pro Max is most popular?

The most popular iPhone 13 Pro Max color is Sierra Blue.

What are the colors of the iPhone 13?

Apple iPhone 13 is available in a range of exciting colors. The options available are green, red, starlight, midnight, blue, and pink.

Which is the best Color for iPhone 13?

Midnight is the most popular color in iPhone 13. It features a dark, matte black finish.

What colors are the iPhone 13 Pro?

Apple iPhone 13 Pro is available in Gold, Silver, Sierra Blue, Graphite, and Alpine Green.

Will iPhone 13 Pro have new colors?

The latest color option introduced by Apple for iPhone 13 Pro is Alpine Green.

Which Color is Best for iPhone 13 Pro?

The best color option for iPhone 13 Pro is Sierra Blue.

Which iPhone 13 color is most popular?

The most popular iPhone 13 color is matte black.

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