Pokemon Fire Red Cheats: Complete List Of Gameshark Codes

Pokemon Fire Red Cheats

Pokemon Fire Red Cheats Introduction

Like me, millions of other people are big-time fans of Pokemon. From cartoons to games, we love it all. If you are looking for a nostalgia kick, I would suggest you play one of the old Pokemon games.

My personal favorite is Pokemon Red which is one of the first games released on the Game Boy. It’s been decades and it still holds a special place in my heart. I believe it’s the same for other Pokemon lovers too.

Pokemon Red is the remake of the 2004 Pokemon game for the Game Boy Advance console. While the core gameplay is the same, the game includes 20 new Pokemon for each version, LeafGreen and FireRed.

If you are a hardcore Pokemon lover, I will suggest you try out Pokemon Fire Red. However, the game is a little tricky, so you may want to use these Pokemon fire red cheats.

The good news is there are plenty of Pokemon fire red cheats in Pokemon ROMs. Using these Pokemon cheats will make the game easier for you. To know more about these Pokemon fire red cheat codes, read this post till the end.

In-Game Pokemon Fire Red Cheats

Gamers would know that many firered cheats depend on cheat programs like GameShark v3. But Pokemon FireRed is slightly different as it has some built-in features, making the game easier.

Using these in-built fire red cheats is not considered cheating. Rather it helps you to complete the game like a pro.

Upgrading The Pokedex

Cheat codes for Pokemon fire red can be helpful for players in many ways. It can help you conquer the game and be victorious.

As far as the Pokedex is considered, players can upgrade it after collecting over 60 Pokemon and completing the main story. All you need to do is visit Professor in Pallet Town and get an upgrade to travel to new locations. This is how you can access new evolutions for your Pokemon.

Trainer Card Upgrades

Talking about Pokemon fire red gba cheats, players can upgrade their trainer cards, and doing so will change the look as well as the star rating of your card.

It should be noted that players can upgrade their trainer cards only up to four times. To upgrade your card, you will have to complete the following challenges:

  • Finish the main story
  • Complete the Kanto Pokedex
  • Complete the National Pokedex, except Deoxys, Celebi, Jirachi, and Mew
  • Secure 200+ in the Dodrio Berry Picking and Pokemon Jump mini-games

To know more about Pokemon fire red gameshark codes, continue to read this post.

Safari Zone Glitch

When it comes to catching Pokemon, I prefer not to waste time in the Safari Zone. If you are like me, then I have got a tip for you. Tap the right and left buttons to change the orientation of your character without moving.

By doing so, you can still find wild Pokemon, and that too without wasting valuable time.

Pokemon Fire Red Secret Items

Before I tell you about Pokemon cheats, let me tell you about the secret items in Pokemon Fire Red.

To acquire the rarest items in the game, you will need Itemfinder, which will be available only after you have caught 30 Pokemon. You are likely to find them on route 11 between Lavender Town and Vermillion City, on the upper floor of the gate.

After securing the Itemfinder, you can visit specific locations and look for secret items. It might be time-consuming, but that’s where the real fun lies.

Some of the secret items you will find are:

  • Soothe Bell
  • Sacred Ash
  • Macho Brace
  • Leftovers from Snorlax’s location

Gameshark Codes

Now let’s talk about Pokemon firered gameshark codes. You must be wondering what is the best way to access Pokemon fire red cheat codes. The answer is a dedicated program like Action Replay or GameShark. With the help of these programs, you can access all the fire red cheat codes you want.

These programs are available with any GBA emulator. For example, My Boy emulator, and Visual Boy Advance. Both these emulators work on Android platforms.

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Using Gameshark To Access A Cheat Code In Visual Boy Advance

If you want to know how to access Pokemon red cheats in Visual Boy Advance using GameShark, then pay attention to this section.

  • Start by opening VBA and choose your Pokemon FireRed ROM.
  • Next, access the VBA Pokemon fire red emulator cheats menu and click on the option Cheat List.
  • Select GameShark and then enter the Pokemon firered cheat code that you want to use.
  • The good thing is that you can use multiple Pokemon fire red cheat codes. Not just that, but you can also write a short description for each Pokemon fire red cheats Android code. It will help you to understand what each Gameshark codes for Pokemon fire red does.
  • Hit the OK button, and start playing the game with your chosen Pokemon last fire red cheats.

So that’s how you can use Pokemon fire red cheats rare candy code in VBA.

Using GameShark To Access A Cheat Code In My Boy

In this section, I will tell you how to access Pokemon fire red rare candy cheats in My Boy. Well, the basic steps for the My Boy emulator is the same as the VBA emulator as both use GameShark.

  • Open your Pokemon ROM and select the Menu button.
  • Select Cheats and then go to New Cheat.
  • A new window will open where you are required to enter your Pokemon the last fire red cheats name. You can also add a description for Pokemon fire red cheats.
  • After you are done, hit the three dots in the upper right corner, and click on Save. This will save the cheats for Pokemon fire red.
  • Now click on the Back button to resume the game.

With the free version of the app, you can enter a single line code per entry. So if you want to use multi-line Pokemon fire red extended cheats, then you will have to enter them as different cheats.

To enable multiple Pokemon fire red cheats legendary Pokemon at the same time, you will have to tap the Plus icon at the upper right corner, while in the Pokemon fire red gba cheats menu. It also lets you disable, delete, or edit cheats while in the menu.

Guide For Pokemon FireRed Cheat Codes

Pokemon Fire red cheats are available in some games. Many of these Pokemon fire red cheats master ball provide unintended advantages. Before I share the Pokemon fire red cheats rare candy guide with you all, I would like to mention a few things.

  • Save your progress in the game before using any Pokemon fire red cheats legendary Pokemon.
  • Using Pokemon Fire red cheats for my boy can crash the game.
  • Create backups before using Pokemon Fire red cheats walk through walls.

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Pokemon FireRed Cheat Codes: Full List

Pay attention to this section because I am about to share the full list of Pokemon fire red cheats, rare candy and master ball.

Master Codes For Pokemon FireRed

Pokemon fire red cheats master ball are required for this game. To use any Pokemon Fire red cheats codes, you need to first enter the master code. After that, you can enter any chat code and enjoy the rewards.

The master codes are:

  • 8E883EFF 92E9660D
  • 3AF8ACA C4D18CEC

Unlimited Rare Candy Pokemon Cheat Codes FireRed

Rare Candy has been a staple for a long time. They come in handy when playing the game with Pokemon fire red cheats mega stone. These Pokemon fire red cheats codebreaker can prevent a lot of things from happening. For example, it can prevent battles.

You can use these Pokemon fire red cheats for leveling up. After entering rare candies, you can level up your Pokemon up to level 100. The code to use is:

  • 820258400044

Complete The Pokedex Cheat Codes For FireRed

If you want to complete the game, you should use these Pokemon fire red all cheats. Completing the Pokedex is a big achievement. Once you achieve this goal, you will get a big reward. For example, Shiny Charm in later installments.

The codes to use are:

  • 42028FC0FFFF 0000001A0002
  • 4202462CFFFF 0000003C0002
  • 420225BA0FFF 0000001A0002

Gain All Eight Gym Badges Cheat Codes For FireRed

Players can collect gym badges throughout the game. Collecting these badges can be beneficial for you in many ways. For example, it gives you access to Elite Four and the Champion of the region. Plus, it also helps you to catch high-level Pokemons.

To get all eight badges at once, you should use Pokemon meta fire red x cheats. The code is:

  • EFCE867D 5403D40D

Unlimited Master Ball Pokemon Cheat Codes FireRed

Master Balls are important because it helps you catch Pokemon. If you don’t have a master ball, it can be difficult for you to catch Pokemons as they can always try to break out and escape.

Having a master ball is a must when trying to catch a special Pokemon. To get a master ball, you can use Pokemon fire red legendary Pokemon cheats. The code to use:

  • 82025840 0001

Prevent Random Battles Cheat Codes FireRed

With the help of Pokemon super fire red cheats you can prevent random battles. The code that you need to use is:

  • D41DD0CA 33A629E5 8E883EFF 92E9660D

Catch Rate Increase Cheats For FireRed

Using the gba Pokemon fire red cheats you can enhance your catch rate to 100%. It will also help you boost your catch rate for legendary Pokemon. 

The Pokemon fire red Pokemon cheat codes to use are:

  • 8BB602F7 8CEB681A
  • 87ACF659 707466DC

Full IVs On Wild Pokemon

As you all know IVs are random Pokemon games. It allows you to catch any type of Pokemon you want. With Pokemon gba fire red cheats you can ensure that your Pokemon is fast and strong.

The Pokemon fire red cheats code you need to use is:

  • 000014D1 000A 1003DAE6 0007

Best Pokemon Fire Red Codes

I have specially selected some of the best Pokemon red fire cheats for you all. These are my favorite Pokemon fire red omega cheats and I will recommend you all use them for better results.

  • Rare Candy Cheat

One of the top Pokemon fire red x cheats is Rare Candy. It helps you to quickly level up your Pokemon.

  • Walk Through Walls

With this Pokemon fire red cheats android you can walk anywhere in the game and even through the walls. It is a very popular cheat code and you should use it too.

  • Master Ball Cheat

Pokemon fire red cheats rare candy and master ball helps you to get unlimited master balls. It allows you to catch any Pokemon with a single throw of a ball.

  • Level Modifier Code

You can use this Pokemon fire red cheat Pokemon when you encounter a wild Pokemon.

  • Shiny Pokemon Encounter Code

Pokemon fire red rocket edition cheats help set the level and pick the right Pokemon. You can also use this Pokemon cheats fire red to make your Pokemon appear shiny.

Final Words

Pokemon fire red version cheats are extremely useful for players. It makes the game easier and allows you to achieve your goals with ease. By using the right fire red gameshark codes you can complete the game with minimum effort. I have already provided the best cheats for Pokemon fire red in this post. To make the most of your game, you should use these Pokemon firered hacks. Pokemon fire red cheats codes are used by many players so you can use them too.


What are the cheat codes for Pokemon Fire Red?

There are plenty of cheat codes available for Pokemon Fire Red. You can find some of the most popular ones in the post above.

What is the master cheat code for Pokemon Fire Red?

The master cheat code for Pokemon Fire Red is 82025840 0001. It will help you to watch every single Pokemon you see.

What is the master code in Pokemon Fire?

The master code in Pokemon FireRed helps you to catch all types of Pokemon without a miss.

What is 82025840 0044 Rare Candy?

It is a cheat code used in Pokemon Fire Red.

Can you catch Lugia in fire red?

To catch Lugia in Pokemon FireRed you will have to use special cheat codes.

How do you unlock the mystery gift FireRed?

To access the mystery gift in FireRed, go to any Poke Mart in the Sevii Islands or Kanto and locate the clipboard on the main counter, and then type in the phrase “LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL” using the word bank system.

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