Airtel 4G Dongle Now Available with 50 GB Data at Rs. 399 Per Month

There’s a piece of good news for people who like to use Airtel 4G internet service. Earlier Airtel 4G hotspot was priced at Rs. 1599 which had been slashed to Rs. 999. Post that you also needed to enroll for monthly data. Now Airtel is giving away the Airtel 4G hotspot device in a bundled plan for Rs. 399 per month in which you will get 50 GB of data. This plan can be bought from the official Airtel website.


Airtel wants to cap more and more customers who actually take up Airtel services just for internet speeds. Such customers can take this plan along with the device for just Rs. 399 per month. Customers should also keep in mind that once you have crossed 50 GB whether in a day or in a span of a month the speeds shall be reduced down to 80 kbps. Data services shall be still active post the cap is consumed. If you couldn’t finish the data in a month then don’t worry airtel also provides you with rollover facility.

Customers also need to keep this in mind that if they remove the sim from the assigned device the benefits will be ceased completely. Since the data plans are totally device depended and you will not get the same benefit after swiping the SIM to another hotspot device or phone. Also if your operating region is not 4G supported the device shall automatically downgrade the network to 3G.

The 4G hotspot from Airtel has a 1500 mAh battery which can deliver 6 hours of battery life. It is also capable of connecting to up to 10 devices at the same time. Wifi enabled devices can easily connect with the 4G hotspot.

Apparently, Jio’s JioFi is also available in the market which costs around Rs. 999 and is available with a minimum of Rs. 149 monthly recharge, users can get 1.5 GB per month. There are different plans as well. Jio for a recharge of Rs. 399 give you a total of 126 GB for 84 days which is still pretty economical, but you have to buy the JioFi fo Rs. 999 which will add up to the cost. JioFi packs in a 2300 mAh battery and can connect up to 31 devices simultaneously.

Get your Airtel 4G hotspot device.

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