Airtel announces iPhone 3G S Price and Release Date

iPhone 3GS in India with Airtel Recently we posted that Airtel had reached a deal with Apple to sell locked iPhone in India though the exact pricing and release date was not confirmed then. Today, Airtel has announced the exact release date and price that it will be selling the latest iPhone – iPhone 3G S for.

As per Airtel, it will start retailing iPhone 3G S from 26th March (Friday) with a price tag of Rs 35,500 (16 GB version) and Rs 41,500 for 32 GB version. Airtel will also be providing complimentary data usage of 500 MB per month bundled with the iPhone 3GS.

As per our sources, shortly Vodafone – India may announce iPhone 3G S too (unconfirmed).


  1. harman Reply

    vodafone india is going to announce the official launch of iphone 3gs on 28th march 2010.
    no such price tags has been announced

  2. siva Reply

    sc@#$ the iphone… for the same price iam getting myself an unlocked HTC HD2…which is much better (4.3 inch cap touch screen)…smart guys follow me

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