Airtel Launches its own App Store – ‘App Central’

airtel-app-center Airtel and Reliance started a new trend in India’s mobile sector by launching a mobile application stores just like global companies such as Apple and Blackberry. Bharti Airtel has launched “Airtel App Central” and Rcom has said it will launch Reliance Application Stores in the country by the end of this month.

A mobile application store can be very useful for mobile enthusiasts since it will provide them software, games, ringtones, etc all under one roof. For example, you can buy software applications for your phone also at this store.

Initially, Airtel is offering 1250 free and paid applications across 25 categories such as books, games and social networking. The cost of any of these purchases shall be deducted from the available talk-time or added to the bill of the customer. The applications are starting at a minimal rate of Rs 5 onwards.

Bharti Airtel President (Mobile Services) Atul Bindal, has said

With the Airtel App Central, India’s first mobile applications store, we are offering a one-stop shop open 24×7 to meet all our customer’s personal device needs. We are empowering our mobile customers to transform their phones into smart devices with the click of a single button.

These stores which were on-board only for companies like Apple, Google etc have now finally started in India thereby providing the people more services and giving potential for more growth in this sector.

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