Bharti Airtel Unveils New Logo and Signature Tune

India’s one of the largest cellular operator – Bharti Airtel has unveiled its new logo and signature tune composed by A.R. Rahman. Here is a glimpse of the new logo, signature tune and few TV commercials released by Airtel in a press conference today.


Signature tune:

New TV Commercials

Reportedly, Airtel will be spending Rs. 300 crore towards this massive product re-branding strategy. What’s your opinion about the new logo and signature tune composed by AR Rahman? Do share you opinions whether you like the new signature tune or the previous one!

Update: Airtel’s official website has been renovated too and now bear’s a refreshing new look.


    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Yes, personally even we liked the previous tune. But I guess, not too long from now people will get used to the new one and start liking it too.

  1. gaurav gupta Reply

    they’ll change this tune very soon…

    i don’t believe it’s A.r.Rahman ….

    oh god …

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      I wish they changed it but looks difficult as they have already spent few hundred crore rupees towards this re-branding!

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