Amazon launches App Store for Android

Amazon has launched its very own application store for Android users and it is currently offering around 3800 apps. Supported by well-known developers such as Gameloft, Handmark,Adobe etc, we can expect a lot from it in near future.

Amazon App Store

In Amazon’s App store, users can ‘test drive’ applications from their browser that has Flash before they decide to buy/install it on their mobile phone. However, the user would not be able to use controls such as Accelerometer, Compass, etc while testing since these things are not available on computers.

Amazon is even offering a feature called ‘Free App of the day’, where users can experience a paid application for free for a day.

How to Install Amazon app store?

  1. Login if you have Amazon account or register for one.
  2. Download Amazon app store setup file on your phone or PC or follow these instructions to download it via e-mail or text message link.
  3. After installing search for the app you need from the app store and install it on your phone.

Angry birds RIO is the ‘App of the day’. What are you waiting for? Go and download it on your Android phone for free.

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