Android 10 Q : 10 Things You Need to Know

Well, its time to experience the new installment of the next Android version from Google. The last from the company was Android 9 Pie which is primarily available on the majority of the devices to date.

Android 10 Q’s code name is still unknown and assumptions are made to name it on a dessert like always. Also, some source predicts that it would not be something found in your kitchen.

Android Q Logo

Android 9 Pie

Android Pie 9.0 as we all know got us some brilliant features to bet on which included new gesture navigation, adaptive brightness, slices, app actions, improved security features, digital well being, new accessibility menu, new screenshot shortcut, advanced screen rotation, improved volume and sound features, dark mode (not system-wide), easier text selection, etc.

Android 10 Q Feature

1- System Wide Dark Theme – Post-Android 9 Pie, you will have the famous system-wide dark theme on this iteration of Android. This can be toggled on and off from the quick settings. App developers are also said to get an API which can be used to make respective apps launch in dark mode when dark mode is selected.

2 – Accent Colors – With Android Q, personalization has been looked into deeply. Now you can change accent colors to your choice. These choices range from blue, green, purple, black and many more.

3 – Improved Privacy Options – Android Q has been developed closely in relation to keep your privacy on topmost priority. With Android Q, Google is implementing some new features for app permissions to help give you a better understanding and more control over what exactly apps on your phone have access to. According to Google’s blog post, apps that ask for your location will now reveal a new pop-up asking you if you want to grant location access all the time, only when the app’s being used, or not at all.

4 – Redesigned and improved sharing menu – Google briefly mentions this in its blog post, saying that “the share UI can load instantly when it’s launched” since the shortcuts are “published in advance”, but in day-to-day use, we have a feeling this will be one of Q’s best additions.

5 – Native Screen Recording – No more third-party apps are required to record your screen. Google has baked in this feature right into Android Q. In the beta versions, it’s quite deeply situated inside the developer’s option. It also lets you record a video of your screen with an optional voiceover and visual indicators for your taps on the screen.

6 – Foldable Support – Android 10 Q would be an ease for all the phones with foldable screens. This year we earlier saw the Galaxy Fold from Samsung and more are yet to come.

According to Google:

To help your apps to take advantage of these and other large-screen devices, we’ve made a number of improvements in Android Q, including changes to onResume and onPause to support multi-resume and notify your app when it has focus. We’ve also changed how the resizeableActivity manifest attribute works, to help you manage how your app is displayed on foldable and large screens.

7 – Android Q Bubbles – If you have seen chat heads from Facebook Messenger app then its the entire idea about. Google is supporting this idea and is calling it a new way to multi-task. These are small chat heads with profile pics where you can actively chat while performing other tasks on your phone.

8 – Facial Authentication for purchases and logins – Using this feature you can log in to your apps which support this feature and can authenticate your online purchases as well. This feature is in beta hence nothing more can be said further. You have to wait and watch.

9 – Goodbye to the back button – Android Q would probably ditch the back button and would only use gesture navigation primarily. Rumors also suggest the new OS to have side navigation gestures which is not yet confirmed.

10 – Improved support for AI – Android Q would have an amazing experience with users as it will not only improve the support for AI but also would implement the same in day to day operations. This includes searching for something from the web or from real life, advanced integration with Google assistant, etc.

Well, these are some noticeable features we have found to be made available on Android 10 Q. Please note we have collected the information from various online sources hence we cannot guarantee its genuineness.

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