Now Download and Install Apps on your Android Phone using your Computer

During an event earlier today, Google announced its Android market website using which all android users can now easily download and install application on their android phones over the air. In simple words, you can call it iTunes store for Android. Just like iTunes store, you can browse all the apps – paid/free from the android market website and install it on your phone with just a few mouse clicks.

install apps on android

All you need to do is, simply log into the android market website using the same Google account that your Android phone is linked with and you can immediately see a list of paid/free apps installed on your Android phone as of now. There on, you can go ahead, browse the apps in different category and click install or buy (for paid apps) from the top-left bar and you can see the app(s) being downloaded and installed automatically on your Android within seconds.

We personally tried it on a HTC Incredible, Froyo based Android and it worked flawlessly for us. If you own a Android, just give it a try and let us know your experience about it. Should you have any question, just drop a line in the comment form!

Link: Android market website


  1. Reuben Reply

    Thanks for this info. Sorry mine is a question – how do I set up a google account for my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S)? I am struggling with this

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Hi Reuben, its our pleasure!
      Well, while first boot (start) of your android, you must have used a Gmail a/c to start the h/s and sync all your contacts and other data with the same gogole a/c.
      So you can log into Android market place using the same Gmail a/c and you’ll be able to use the above service flawlessly! 🙂

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Yes, indeed.
      BTW, next time onwards, please use your real name instead of anchor text else your comment will be deleted as we do not allow comments with some website name as anchor text.

  2. Anjan Reply

    I need a help from you. Would you please help me out with all the installation procedures step-by-step with screen shots on to android phones? I need it very urgently. Will you please help me?

  3. Riyaz Ahmed Reply

    Dear Deepak,

    Last week i bought samsung galaxy s. since then i am struggling to install the applications from Android market but nothing works. i have logged on to google talk several times but it shows your devixce is not in the list. please help.

  4. Rohit Reply

    Sorry my question isn’t exactly related to the post. I am going to buy a new handset soon and I just saw the specifications of Samsung Galaxy Ace which has really great features in a very affordable price. I am going to install lots of apps in my mobile but its internal storage is some 170 MB. It has froyo and I know that with froyo I can install apps on sd card but I heared that some files of app are stored in internal memory also. I’m a little anxious now as I think 170 MB is pretty low internal storage. Can you tell me how much space an app will take on internal memory if I install it on SD card ? like if app is of 1MB, how much will go to internal memory ? Please reply soon.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Hi Rohit, though its hard to say how much space exactly an app will be taking from the internal memory of a phone.
      But the 170 MB of free space should suffice for your needs.

  5. Yahoo Reply

    I thought that will tell that how to download the application on your computer, then transfer to mobile via sd card, bluetooth or any other method.

    I think that wil be a good one as it allows us offline installation

  6. godson Reply

    I have too questions to ask, I can’t install “crowd call” on my rooted Samsung galaxy nexus. (software version updated from 4.0 to 4.1) Google play says dictects it but say app incompatible. how else can I install this app?.

    secondly, I tried using my google accnt to buy some apps for my wife’s phone (same phone) but it keep requesting for her own accent.
    my question is now, does that makes sence– when under Google accnt, one owns the right to add as many accnts as possible— why add if won’t work for all purpose?.

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