How to Port CDMA Number to GSM Operator with Mobile Number Portability

A new revolution has kicked-in, in the Indian mobile industry called Mobile Number Portability (MNP) using which a customer can easily retain his/her mobile number even while moving from one operator to another.

mnp cdma gsm conversion

Migration from CDMA to GSM Operator with MNP

There are still lots of confusion in the minds of mobile users whether or not they can move their CDMA numbers (Reliance CDMA, TATA Indicom or MTS) to a non-CDMA (GSM) operator. Well, the answer is YES! A CDMA customer can migrate or port a CDMA number to GSM operator or vice-versa by following the same procedures mentioned on our previous post: Mobile Number Portability: Procedure, Charges and FAQs.

Procedure for porting CDMA number to GSM

Here’s a summary of what you need to do for moving from CDMA to GSM with same number:

  • SMS: Port<space>your mobile number to 1900
  • Get your unique porting code (UPC) via SMS and submit it to the new operator (GSM/CDMA) along with prescribed fees of Rs. 19 and other documents & photo
  • Wait for 5-7 days before your CDMA number gets ported to new GSM operator.

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    • Debashish Chatterjee Reply

      Yes you need to change the SIM and a GSM handset for porting in your CDMA number to GSM number

    • Sushant Reply

      I have tried changing my Reliance CDMA to GSM but Reliance is cooperating. My new service provider has been threatened by reliance people. Reliance is the worst Haramkhor company.

      • N V Rao Reply

        Even I had the same experience with Reliance. I applied for changing my Reliance mobile from CDMA to GSM on 27th January 2011. However, it has not been done even till date. Despite repeated calls to the Customer Care or the Reliance World, there is no response.

        This is pathetic service and totally unacceptable from a company of the stature of Reliance.

    • radhye shyam Reply

      dear sir.
      i have a cdma number use. i like change connection cdma to gsm. no change this number. please solution this email add: [email protected] and where this service available in aligarh (U.P.)

  1. parag agrawal Reply

    would my cdma handset will work as gsm on changing my number from cdma to gsm

  2. Ravi Kiran Reply

    Suprise.. Suprise…….

    All the CDMA service customer can Change his/her to GSM…….iIt is possible by MPS(Mobile Portablity
    Service) from 20th Jan’10.

    Enjoy RCom Customers as well as Tata like meeee………

  3. Anupam Gupta Reply

    BSNL is denying saying the CDMA numbers can only be ported to CDMA services provided by BSNL, can you guys provide any details where can I register complaint against it?

  4. Jagan Reply

    Relience is a choor company and when port message is sent it say to try anain later. And after 10-15 tries I found it is charging Re.1 per sms. They are big money minded people and horrible network range. Shame to relience.

    • Vinod Reply

      May be there n/w is too busy by getting sms of all those people who want to move out….

    • Anand Reply

      Reliance mobile customer service in MNP is worst. I am getting the below message after sending sms to 1900.

      Use less reliance mobile.

        • jhasketan Reply

          yes freiend i agree with ur views such a nonsense company rcom is i am experiencing.i m having mobile net.i have recharged with 99 onlimited browsing but still rcom is taking network charges of 5 paise per 10 kb.Please friend never ever go for reliance cdma.i am searching for bsnl to portable with my mob phone.

          • Animgiant

            hey dude… go for others
            not BSNL & RCOM & vodaphone ….you wont get proper service ..
            (But Rcom is really excellent only in Mumbai circle)

            In kolkata Vodaphone is also a “Choro ka baap”
            In bangalore Rcom Is a night mare.

            Better go for Idea/airtel/tata… its really good…..

  5. manohar Reply

    reliance is worst service provider in INDIA. VODOFONE is the best. IDEA is best after VODAFONE

  6. Anupam Gupta Reply

    Just ported from Reliance CDMA to BSNL 3G πŸ™‚

    thanks for you post!!

  7. Tenis Reply

    Can i port from reliance postpaid to vodafone prepaid through MNP ? If Yes than what are the procedures.?

  8. Shravan Reply

    Debashish/Deepak hi,
    i want to change from tata indicom to reliance cdma through MNP. Now do i need to change my handset given by tata. or the same will work in reliance cdma also?

  9. sainath Reply

    hello sir,
    i am using virgin mobile cdma number, can i port my number into gsm
    plz giv me the details

  10. Lalitsoni Reply

    Mene apna relience cdma mobile me portability k liye 10msg/day kiya 20-1-2011 k bad fir b company muze code nahi de rahi.
    Plz muze aage ki step bataye..

    • pradeep Reply

      well MNP started on 20th jan2011 at 5 pm , so anyone trying before that will be dissappointed , but i did it at 5.01 pm and immd. got unique port number for reliance CDMA , waiting 10 long years to do this , at last i can shift to GSM , only reason is handset change as reliance is charging hefty charges for their CDMA enabled handset which are available cheaply in GSM . is there any way where by i can convert my CDMA handset to GSM one ? i have a RUIM enabled phone , i think any software which can change the frequency from CDMA 800 mhz to GSM 900 Mhz will do the trick ? or i have to change the main chip of my handset ? any suggestions ? I have heard that in mumbai they can do it ? any mumbaikar out there who can help? Thanks

  11. maniac Reply

    dats realy bad of RELIANC… i hav reliance cdma… wen mnp was about to come i asked d reliance shop wedr can convert from reliance cdma to gsm( coz i wanted a gsm handset) but dat guy told its not possble… i bot gsm card …!!! but dan one of my friend told dat its possble to convert from cdma to gsm….i feel cheated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Praveen Sharma Reply

    MNP seems to be savior to many customers who are unsatisfied with the services of their existing service providers. I have a reliance CDMA connection since last 8yrs. Except for some hiccups, in general I have been quiet satisfied with their services.
    Now my query. Mine is a pre-paid connection. Very few CDMA handsets models are available in the market. Is it possible to switch over to GSM from CDMA so that I can buy a handset of my choice?

  13. pradeep Reply

    To all , it is possible to shift from CDMA to GSM , GSM to CDMA , or any other type , MNP is used to retain your old number which you want to retain , and you can change to any service provider , no restrictions of CDMA or GSM . I hope this will make it very clear, and ho w to do it , clear instructions are given on the top of this page , so go ahead and try , only restrictions to MNP is you have to wait for 7 days to get the new sim activated ,and one day at night , after 10 pm your phone will be out of service for 2 hours, they will notify you about the time and day by SMS , also if pre paid you will have to spend all your balance amount within those seven days , as that will become zero when you change your provider , post paid people have no problems , they will get the bill upto the last day of their usage i.e the day when the new sim is activated , Only restriction is you can change service provider as many times as possible but every time you will have to remain with the new provider for 90 days minimum , before u can change to new . Go on enjoy now the consumer is the KIng once again , at least regards mobile service .

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Thanks for clarifying everyone’s doubt again, Pradeep. About CDMA phone conversion to GSM, I’ll definitely try to digg some facts about it. As of now, even I am not sure about it.

  14. Somu Reply

    This is very good news for CDMA users really!!
    I was frustrated wid TATA indicom….enjoy guys@@@@

  15. Jagan Reply

    There is still a lot confusion. I got a call from airtel that CDMA cannot be ported out to GSM or vice-versa. I dont know what is happening. Relience is still not giving the unique code for porting when “port mobileno.” is sent to 1900. A reply sms says that “Dear Relience customer, your request could not be processed, please try again later” I have complained to their customer service 3 times and they say to try again. HELP ME !!!!!!

  16. Prakash Vasantlal Agrawal Reply

    Reliance is good company, but i am facing problem, during the travelling in travelling reliance hand set use battery very fast, some body help me how to out for this problem

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      While travelling, there’s always network fluctation, thus the poor battery performance. If you want to save battery while travelling in poor network area, just switch off your cell phone!

    • Samar Roy Reply

      I have already Rlience CDMA Number and I want to porting this number to Rlience GSM for which I have received Unichque Code from Rlience Custmer Care about 2 months past but not any further procdure has done by them when A Sim Card has given by their Local Bhadohi C.Care given assurence that will be activated by one week. Till today nothing has been responced by them. Already I have DUEL SET Mobile of GSM. I don’t know what will do further step regarding the same.

    • Samar Roy Reply

      I am also facing for porting my Relience CDMA Number to Relience Gsm. Mobile Set have availabe with with me by Duel SIM

  17. Jagan Reply


    Reliance is a cheater company and they are trying not to give the UPC to the customers so that after sometime they get tired and change their mind and stay with Reliance. Earlier also I have had hudge losses with Reliance mutual funds and other finance services provided by this group. They are hungry for money and will even remove your clothes and sell them. From now I have pledged not to invest or purchase anything that is of Reliance.

  18. Deepak Soni Reply

    I have send a message for MNP of my CDMA mobile operator MTS but I haven’t received UPC.
    What Should I Do i.e. register complain with TRAI or any other option? The message is delivered at 1900.
    Is it necessary to SMS thoughth the same no which we want to MNC or mobile number SMS to be sent by other mobile

  19. Yusuf Reply

    Hell Yea…you can change to bsnl from cdma….I have a bsnl connection and i am really surprised with the connectivity that they give….Out in the middle of nowhere when everyone has no network, my phone shows a complete network…im glad to have one of the bsnl numbers and its damn cheap as well on STD and ISD calls……..

    Though i want to change my Reliance CDMA to Airtel…will get it done soon as have been duped by reliance too many times….they charge for caller tunes and too many other value added services without even me requesting it….(there are no kids at home except a 30 year old one like me)

  20. sms Reply

    i have a karnataka’s sim and presently i came to rajasthan… is it possible that i can ues MNP to make my no local……

  21. yuvaraj Reply

    i am using MTS CDMA which is very worst . i want to change to some other CDMA service. what are all the options and whether i need to change my mobile?

  22. kirti Reply

    which connection provide the cheapest std rates. and can anyone switch from gsm to cdma widout changing handset.pls reply

  23. Gaurav Reply

    Thanx for the info. u have given reg. MNP….
    Pl. let me know that if i change from Tata cdma to Airtle gsm within my home circle & after that i move out of my circle with changed cdma to gsm airtel chowk then it will work with Tata or with Airtel..

  24. Sajithraj k Reply

    I have applied for number portability from Reliance CDMA to Reliance GSM on 4th February. I got a message on 14th February, that your number will port to GSM between 10pm and 12 am. Again I got a message on 15th February 05.00 that your number portability has activated. But even till date there is no activation has done. Despite repeated calls to the Customer Care of the Reliance World, nothing has done and they asked me to wait , wait and wait…. I asked them how many days wait is required and their answer is wait, they don’t know what is the problem.

    This is pathetic service and totally unacceptable from a company of fame like Reliance.

    • Jagan Reply

      I have sucessfully ported my Reliance CDMA no. to Airtel GSM. The same happened to me, even after the message for successful porting I was not able to make any calls from the Airtel No. nor I was able to receive calls. But after about a week I was successfully ported. The surprising thing is that My Relience CDMA service is still active on my CDMA hanset and I am able to make calls as well as I can make and receive calls on Airtel … Now I have the same No. on 2 different services. πŸ™‚ If I make a call to myself from CDMA no. it goes to my Airtel service. πŸ˜€ . I think you should wait for a few days. Moreover Reliance is not a good service provider as they make false promises and give wrong information and mislead users. Their only goal is to make money. With some past experiences with Relience I have stopped using any of the services or goods of relience. They may be cheap but the company philosophy to mislead and sell their products is not digestable by me. I have given my BOOT to Relience. πŸ˜€

  25. arvind sakaria Reply

    my no is 9385240712 , and i am in chennai . since 1st fab i am traying to change my service from rel to aitrel but this rel people are not changeing it . and they have send me the message , your mnp requrest dated 09/02/2011 has been rejected by reliance due to inter service area porting . please contrect rel for futher detail
    arvind sakaria
    and till date it is not done , if trai can be helful to me kindly gide me

  26. R.K.Das Reply

    I am using a reliance CDMA can I migrate to MTS or Indicom.If yes then the same CDMA handset which is provided by the Reliance will support the other CDMA sim’s. Secondly I have sent a msg by typing port to 1900 and I received a message by saying this facility is not available for the given port.Can any body tell me the procedure. And Reliance is the worst service I think worst is the less word to say. Matharchod service hai…
    Email id:[email protected]
    Cell: 9347228739

  27. praveen Reply

    hi ,

    Heard that MPS is not applicable for fancy numbers…….is it true?

  28. suryarao m. Reply

    i am a sufering victim of TATAINDICOM’s lifetime-incoming CDMA mobile service.There cannot be a WORSE company than TATAINDICOM——–who i)OVERCHARGE ALL CALLs/SMSes etcetra ii)have an OVERLOADED NETWORK, with the LOUSIEST VOICE QUALITY iii)JUST NOT BOTHERED RE —-CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS !i have sent 200+ earlier TATAWALKY phone got CLONED !i had to surrender it to avoid being jailed !TATAINDICOM had NO CLUE re the CLONING;NOR WERE THEY BOTHERED !

    On Jan/19/2011———on my tour ,i got my friend in delhi ,to RECHARGE INR 2011.The money was swallowed & then TATAINDICOM coolly tells me —–NOT APPLICABLE on ROAMING !(after taking the money; NOT before!)I returned to delhi ,on Feb. 12th/2011…TILLDATE ,this amount of INR 2011—-is NOT CREDITED to my balance !And ,NOBODY in TATAINDICOM, Delhi KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT THIS MYSTERIOUS -2011 RECHARGE SCHEME & EXACTLY WHAT IT GIVES ME !And, sadly ,there is a 4-month EXPIRY DATE on this AMOUNT !


    surya/delhi/7th march 2011

  29. Habeeb Reply

    can anybody tell me about which is more harmful rays, cdma or gsm?

  30. Abhishek Reply

    Hi, I want to change my post paid CDMA Reliance Number to GSM. Can anybody tell me can I retain the same plan in GSM Network or not.

  31. Mohammed Reply

    i have idea gsm can i go for reliance cdma network? please answe and thanks,

  32. raja Reply

    Hi , Iam using CDMA number i would like to change the connection from CDMA to GSM . but the number should not be change,can u give me solution for this mail id ([email protected]).would u pl give me sarvice center adress vizag.

  33. Murthy Reply

    i want to switch from reliance CDMA to GSM . please let me know is it posible and what is the procedure to move on.

  34. praveen Reply

    hii..i am a reliance cdma mobile was lost 2 months back….can i change to gsm without having cdma handset??????(i have gsm handest)

  35. jagadesh Reply

    if anybody want to port in to vodafone from any other network in hyderabad
    mail me at [email protected]
    it is absolutely free…………………………………..

  36. Yogesh Mishra Reply


    REL is not provding number portability to Airtel or any other network they are not releasing the number someone should take action against the Relience they do not co operating in Number portability

    Even they did not respond to our query properly

    Very bad experience of relience

  37. Samar Roy Reply

    I am unlucky and becoming a mad that I am writing by so many e.mail and sending so many messege to Relience Customer Care to change my Relience CDMA number to GSM service by portability system and after complete their requirement procedures, have received an uniche code number from them with an advice to keep this code number safely and valid this code only up to 08.05.11. It is sorry to say that today it is 28th of May’11, no any further respoce have recived from Relience C.Care and now they are sending reply against any of my SMS “Key word is wrong”. Their local Relience office stuff always are going top misguide me whenever I am asking them about tmis porting matter. Now I am Fedup becuse already I have gifted this CDMA Set to my friend and have purchased GSM Set when after getting their assurence. If anybody can help me regarding this Portabily number, I shall be glad will pray to Sri Saibaba for all his best.

      • Samar Roy Reply

        Yes, I have submited all relative papers and get an unique code number from Customer Care no.1901 valid up to 08.05.11 but till today I have not get any responce regarding this porting number and after getting assurence that my Mob. no. will be ported to GSM Oppretor, I have given as a gift to one of friend my CDMA H/ Set after purchaing A NEW GSM H/Set Mob. Now I am facing problem with this CDMA Sim without use.

        • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

          Samar, I know how it hurts to be without a mobile.

          Well, If you have already submitted all documents to Reliance GSM for porting out from RCdma, then you should have probably received an SMS on your old SIM/Phone (CDMA) about your porting status. If for any reason the porting request gets cancelled, you should get an SMS.

          What to do now?
          If its been more than 7 days since you submitted your porting request to RGSM and its not been done, then I would suggest you to mail the nodal officer or Reliance GSM and CDMA about your problem (Google for Nodal officer’s contacts). Nodal officers are good enough to help get problems fixed.

  38. Imam Akmal Reply

    Yes you need to change the SIM and a GSM handset for porting in your CDMA number to GSM number

  39. sai Reply


    My CDMA mobile is broken and is not functional. I am unable to send the message to 1900.
    Suggestion I got is to use any other CDMA phone and try for number portability. After getting
    the UPC & submitting the documents should my old number be functional for next five to seven day’s.
    Because i will use my friends CDMA phone for sending the message and shall hand over it
    back to him

    Thank You,

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Paresh, do you mean to ask, if you port from CDMA to GSM (or vice-versa), whether you’ll have to change your handset?

      Yes, because GSM services cannot be used on CDMA phones and vice-versa. Hope I am clear.

  40. Rajanikant Reply

    Hi I have one GSM(TATA) and a CDMA(Reliance) number

    Can I interchange the numbers?

    Please suggest

  41. Suresh Reply

    Can I submit new or other ID to new operator for Portability or I have to submit the same one ID ?

  42. RAJESH Reply

    Hi, Is this change applicable on Prepaid connections as well or its only applicable for postpaid connections ?

  43. sasidhar Reply

    can i retain the life time offer present in my cdma sim during conversion into gsm..?

  44. Sarkar Reply

    Dear Mobilegyaan,

    I have reliance CDMA postpaid which i want to convert it into GSM one. Is mobile number portability applicable in this case and should i sumbit my documents again as I am postpaid customer.
    Thankyou for your great support you have been providing.

  45. chandra Reply

    will my cdma sim work while it is being ported to gsm number??

  46. Hyder Reply

    I wanted to change cdma tata indicom no. to reliance JIO 4g. I want to retain my old number
    which i am using in CDMA tata indicom.

  47. Ranjit Reply

    I am using mts postpaid CDMA voice from last 4years,but when I want to port my mts CDMA to Airtel post paid the SMS massage showing don’t sending the SMS(PORT NUMBER-1900),touch to try.i paid more then the bill amount n I talked with customer care n store but they has no any information regarding porting.pls suggested how I port my mts no to Airtel?

  48. S Sarkar Reply

    can i port out my bsnl cdma no to any gsm service. Anyone pl give me a solution.

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