How to Enable or Disable Second Space in MIUI

enable or disable second space on miui

Xiaomi’s custom skin over Android is called MIUI. The prominent ones out in the market today are MIUI 8, 9 and 10. With MIUI skin on top of Android brings several features and additional tweaks to enhance the user experience. Such a feature on MIUI is called Second Space.

enable or disable second space on miui

What is the Second Space?

  • Second space when enabled would create a new and fresh space on your phone running MIUI 8, 9 or 10. This would enable multiple users to use the same phone as per his or her needs. This new space made would be the second space whereas the one you already had would be called the First Space.
  • The Second Space does not take any data from the first space neither you can import data from the First Space using the built-in option to move data. The second space shall be exactly like a new phone taken out of the box with pre-installed apps.
  • Whomsoever would have access to the second space would be able to add new apps, set a different wallpaper and use a different launcher if needed. Moreover, he or she can also keep a separate unlock mode if needed.
  • This feature is only built-in Xiaomi phones running MIUI 8, 9 or 10. Xiaomi phones with stock Android will not retain the feature.
  • Second space shall be using the default storage and RAM options available on the device.
  • Calls and SMS’s can be retrieved while on either of the Space. These are not blocked if you are on either of the Spaces. The Second Space shall not see the contact name for the calls and SMS’s received on the first space since data’s are not being shared vice versa.
  • Fortunately, Second space lets you import files, photos, and contacts from First space.
  • The Second Space have to have a new Google account or should log in via credentials from the First Space to enable and access Google Play Store.

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Enable Second Space

  • On your Xiaomi phone, heads towards the “Settings” panel.
  • Now click on “Second Space” under “System & Device“.
  • Immediately click on “Turn on Second Space“.

  • This would create a Second Space for you. You can switch between Spaces either using a password or a shortcut. We choose by shortcut, you can choose with a password if you do not want any interference from a third party on the Frist Space.
  • Then you would need to allow some permissions for the Second Space. This would successfully enable the Second Space for you.
  • Here would be a brand new setup on the same phone with no customization, data or app information from the First Space.

Disable Second Space

The below procedure would completely delete the Second Space. This means nothing and literally, nothing would be available for retrieval once deleted.

  • Switch back to the First Space if you are on the Second Space.
  • From the Settings panel, access the Second Space.
  • Now on the main window, exactly on the top right-hand side, you will see a Dustin bin icon.

  • Click on it. You will be notified with a warning. Read it carefully and hit “Delete”.
  • Now you will be asked to input your Mi Account’s password. Simply enter the same and press OK.
  • You have successfully deleted the Second Space from your Smartphone.

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  2. Isha singh Reply

    What to do if second space automatically disabled after some time without actually deleting it.?
    And to make second space permanently in my Redmi note 7s

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