How to Enable Search by Handwriting on Google Chrome for Android

One amazing trick built inside your Google Chrome for Android is the ability to search using handwriting. This trick was implemented to the search engine since 2012. Using this trick you can make Google search more convenient on your smartphones.

Enable Search by Handwriting on Google Chrome for Android

When you enable this mode it allows you to write on the browser window and make a Google search easily. This setting is disabled by default and you need to follow a few steps in order to enable it. So let us see how to make it work.

Enable Search by Handwriting on Google Chrome

  • On your phone, open Google Chrome and type and press enter.
  • This would open Google search’s home page.
  • Now scroll up a bit and click on “Settings”.

  • A pop-up menu shall open, select and click on “Search Settings” from inside the menu.

  • On the next resultant windows, enable the setting under the “Handwrite” head. Scroll down to the bottom of the windows and hit “Save“.

  • Once the above setting has been saved, you will notice a space bar to the end of the screen. Simply start whatever you like and the same shall be converted into text inside the search box. When you are done writing simply hit enter to process your search query.

However please note the following,

  • When you enable this setting, the keyboard will not pop up until you disable this handwriting gesture by clicking on the small g button.
  • Most of the handwriting gestures were easily recognized but a few letters like Indian names were hard to detect.
  • Difference between the letter O and numerical 0 would end up giving you options to select the written letter.
  • If your handwriting isn’t clear, this feature may give your serious typing errors. Hence keep it crystal clear.
  • Rather using a hand gesture, using a stylus may be a good option for error-free typing experience.


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