Google Play “Download Pending” Error, Here’s How to Fix This


Have you come across the “Download Pending” error when you try to download or update an app. While doing this through Google Play Store, it is certain and quite obvious for us to encounter. If you are facing this issue and cannot get it resolved then we have a series of possible resolutions mentioned below for your reference.


Restart the phone

A most common and always ignored solution is to restart the device. Trust us, the majority of issues on your Android phone gets resolved by a mere restart. When you restart or reboot your smartphone, it clears out the cache and the RAM gets some free space to process your app requests.

Clear Google Play Store Cache and Data

¬†Another very effective solution to this error would be clearing the play store app’s cache and data. This can be done by long-pressing the play store app and click on the app details icon. If you are on a Xioami device running MIUI 9 or later simply scroll down and hit “clear data”.


On other devices, simply heads towards the play store app details and click on storage. From thereon, clear cache and data.

Clear Google Play Services App Cache and Data

Simultaneously you can find the above-mentioned app and clear its cache and data. This would be pretty tricky, so read the following carefully.

  • Open your phone’s browser and type “Google Play Service” and hit enter.


  • Click to open the app as shown in the screenshot below.
  • And then clear its data and cache.

Check for Current Downloads and Updates

In case you have some apps being downloaded or updated in the background then play store will only continue to process new download request after the current apps are updated or downloaded. If you are in a hurry then all you have to do is to cancel the previous update or downloads. This would immediately start processing the new app download or update request.

Consider internet connectivity issues

If your phone downloads and updates only through Wi-Fi connection then while using data you may get the aforesaid error or waiting for network error. If you have an unlimited data plan then just follow the steps below to enable downloading over any network. If your Wi-Fi connection has issues then this would we resolved when you connect to cellular data.

  • Open Play Store app and then tap on the menu button (three lines) in the upper left corner.
  • Go to Settings > App download preference > Over any network.

Update Google Play Store App

Finally, you can also try to update the Google Play Store app which also resolves the issue to a certain extent. Once you are done doing the same, reboot the device for the changed to take place.

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