How to Change Your Mobile Number on WhatsApp


WhatsApp Messenger is a famous app used worldwide by users. The app lets you stay in touch with your loved ones in real time. WhatsApp is being used on a regular basis by more than a billion users across the globe. The messaging feature on the app lets you connect with people and also lets you share documents, images, and videos through its server.

Precisely every smartphone today comes with the app preinstalled or at least would have it in the list of most useful apps on Android, iOS and other mobile platforms. The app works on WiFi as well as on Mobile data.

In this particular post, we shall let you know how to change your number without losing your existing account with WhatsApp. You would like to change your number in case you have lost or discontinued your old number and have got a new one instead. It’s a fairly easy method and anyone can perform the same without any hassle. Let us see how can you change your number on WhatsApp.

Step 1 – On your WhatsApp account, head towards the three dots on the top of the app exactly near the search bar and click on “Settings“.


Step 2 – Inside Settings, click on “Account“.


Step 3 – In the Account panel, click on “Change number“.


Step 4 – The landing page will tell you about some precautions that you need to make before proceeding, please read it carefully.


Step 5 – Now simply enter your old phone number and the new phone number as prompted.


Step 6 – Click on Next and it shall ask you for an OTP that you will receive on the new phone number. Simply enter the same and it’s done.

In this way, you can simply change your old number to a new number on WhatsApp without losing any of your chats or messages. However please note that this method shall log you out from WhatsApp with the old number. You will no longer be able to receive or message using the old number. Your buddies on WhatsApp shall be notified about the change accordingly post which they can update your number into their contacts. Also, the contacts who have active chats with you will only be notified of the change and others would have to have your old number handy to get this notification as soon as they initiate a chat with your old number.

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