How to Register for DND Service or Check if your Mobile Number is already Registered

If you don’t like promotional SMS and calls from telemarketers that keeps disturbing you every now and then, you can register for DND (Do Not Disturb) service initiated and operated by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) that would take care that no further promotional calls or SMS are delivered on your number. If any cellular service provider or merchants still violate the rule then they can be claimed compensation for it.

DND registration for mobile

How to Register for DND Service?

For registering into DND service, follow either of the  steps mentioned below

  • Call your service provider‘s customer care and request for activation of DND service
  • SMS ‘START DND‘ to 1909 from the number you want to activate DND

After following the above procedure, your request will be processed and DND service will be activated within 45 days. Alternatively, to activate DND with only a single bank or insurance company, you can check out this list.

How to Check if DND is Activated?

If you have already requested for DND activation and want to check if its been activated on your number, then you can check it out by visiting this page.

DND registration check

What if you still get Calls/SMS?

If you notice that even after activation of DND service, you are getting unsolicited calls then you can register a complaint with your service provider against the telemarketer and they are liable to a penalty of up to Rs. 5000 per Call/SMS they send on your number.

Here is what TRAI says in this regards:

There is a provision for disconnection of the telemarketer telephone number / telecom resource if the UCC is sent even after levy of Rs.500/- & Rs.1000/- tariff. In case of non-compliance to the Telecom Unsolicited Commercial Communications Regulations, 2007, the Service Provider is also liable to pay an amount by way of financial disincentive, not exceeding Rs.5000/- for first non-compliance of the regulation and in case of second or subsequent such non-compliance, an amount not exceeding Rs.20,000/- for each such non-compliance.

So, do not forget to report if you are still being disturbed by the telemarketer.

Link: Check if your number is already registered for DND


  1. Kapil Rawtani Reply

    I am using Airtel number. And I had already register with NDNC service, registered on 29th OCT 2009 and my registration number is 1014390997, but I am getting messages and calls in frequent manner. I have informed about this to Airtel customer care and I have provided them the numbers and names of the company, date and time at which I received those messages,but every time they provide me a new complaint or reference number but no action has been taken so far from Airtel.My complaint and reference numbers are as follows:

    reference number: 2705201036705.
    complaint number: 32167191
    reference number: F686961803
    complaint number: 31998106

    I want to register a case against Airtel, please inform what to do to lodge a case against my provider since I had activated DND and my daily work schedule is affected due to these…..

    Kapil Rawtani
    Airtel No. 9810935220

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      You can lodge a complain with customer care regarding this. If it still doesn’t solves the problem, just drop a mail to TRAI (you can get mail IDs from TRAI’s website)

  2. B.Das Purkayastha Reply

    Vodafone service p
    rovidor,Shillong,Meghalaya,I am already registered DND mobile on 29th Dec,2009 at19:35.My phone no is 919863115081.They are constantly sending spams.What to do?already send SMS.ANJALI

  3. Kapil Rawtani Reply

    Dear Deepak thanx for your reply..
    I have already lodge so many complaints to airtel customer care and I have already sent a mail to the this email address [email protected],but I am still receiving promotional messages,please advise.

    Kapil Rawtani

  4. deepak Reply

    my no is 9335041300
    manye d.n.d. actevat kara rakha hai par kuch dino se reliance ki taraf se pramotinal calls aa re hai kuuuuuu ?

  5. Siddhartha Reply

    Hii my name is Siddhartha i cant activate DND for my Aircel number so what to do

  6. M Yogesh Reply

    my no. 9421963004 is registered with DND services, but still i receiving unwanted sms, what should i do?

  7. puneet Reply

    Thanks for the information but the link given by you to check whether DND is started or not is not working.please check it and provide a working link. i am reliance CDMA costumer and i got around 3-4 calls daily from reliance people. i registered for DND service and got confirmation sms on 12-02-2011. please help

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