Import of Non IMEI based Mobiles Banned in India

IEMI numbers In the recent couple of months we had seen many controversies in India regarding imported handsets, specially the one that are being imported from China without an IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) or having fake IMEI number. After a couple of serial blasts in India, the Indian security agencies geared up themselves to take care about not promoting the sale of non IMEI based mobiles.

As such, as a security measure, recently, import of mobile phones not having IMEI numbers are banned in India. This ban will specially effect the Chinese and Taiwanese markets as most of the handsets not having IMEI were being imported from these countries.

What about people already owing non IMEI phones?

Well, Indians who have already purchased a non IMEI based phone need not panic about this news. If you find that you are using a non IMEI based phone, then you can easily get an IMEI number assigned to your phone by stepping in to any of the 1600 centers setup by COAI by paying a specific amount of fees.

(Source: Business Standard, Image Credits: Jlock)

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