Quickly Install all your Desktop Programs in a Single Click


In this tutorial, we shall let you know one simple method to install all your desktop programs in a single click. Now you do not have to keep software handy for later installations. Also, app updates can be processed single-handedly in the background. No more toolbars, no clicking next, just choose the applications you like and go.

Install all your Desktop Programs in a Single Click
Ninite installer

Here we present to you the masterpiece “Ninite“. Ninite lets you choose your favorite freeware applications and install them in the background. Ninite offers almost 89 open source freeware applications across 13 categories like browsers, documents, utilities, messaging, security, developer tool, media, compression, run times, file sharing, online storage, imaging, and others. All the applications are up to date as and when you choose to install them. Ninite supports Windows 7 or later PC’s only.

Benefits of Ninite

1 – It starts working immediately as you run the installer. You do not have to be there for manual installations.

2 – It does not offer any toolbars or create an extra junk on your PC and shall install all the chosen apps in their default location.

3 – Ninite automatically recognizes your operating system, whether 64 bit or 32 bit and install the required ones only.

4 – Applications are installed in the default language of your system and everything is done in background.

5 – Only stable versions of the apps are installed and the installer automatically skips up to date apps and reboot requests.

6 – Ninte, download apps from each publisher’s official site and
verifies digital signatures or hashes before running anything.

7 – The Ninite installer saves you a lot of time and works excellently when you unblock or turn off web filters or firewalls.

8 – The installer can be used again to update your apps after a while. The updated apps shall be skipped and the programs that require a stable update shall be processed silently in the background.

Ninite Pro

Install all your Desktop Programs in a Single Click
Ninite Pro

Ninite also offers a pro version which gives you additional benefits than on the free version. With Ninite pro, you can manage your pc in a live web interface. Install the lightweight Ninite Agent on your machines and they instantly appear on the web for simple point-and-click management. It’s an easy way to get a real-time interactive view of all your machines.

Installation and updates are really quick in real time automatically. Ninite Pro also features a subscription service and pricing is based on machine count. A non-comitted free trial of 14 days is also available just to make sure the installer works as per your expectations.

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