How to Install Call of Duty Mobile on Your Android Phone


If you are a First person shooter game lover like us, then we are sure you might have heard of Call of duty at least once in your life. If we are on the same page then you might be knowing that the same game is also available for your Android phone.


The game is available on the Play Store for those who have pre-registered the game. Since the developers are rolling out the invites in phases it might be possible you haven’t yet received the invite like us. Still, don’t be sad you can get your hands on the same. We have sourced and compiled a small workaround for you to get the game running on your Android phone.


1 – Charge your phone. At least 50% is recommended.

2 – Decent file manager, we recommend Solid File Explorer.

3 – Download the Call of duty mobile APK file. [ DOWNLOAD LINK ]

4 – Now, download the game’s OBB file available in Zip Format. [ DOWNLOAD LINK ]

Install Call of Duty on your Android Phone

Step 1 – Once you download both the files. Simply unzip the OBB file downloaded earlier. We recommend you to download Solid File Explorer or use the one which does support unzipping files natively.

Step 2 – Copy the OBB file and paste it inside the internal memory. [Internal Memory -> Android -> OBB].

Step 3 – Now click on the downloaded APK file and install it.

Step 4 [Optional] – Reboot the phone.

Step 5 – Run the game. Initially, it will take some time to optimize as per your phone’s hardware.

Things to Note

1 – The game shall only run if your phone supports minimum game requirements.

2 – IF your device isn’t supported then you will encounter a black screen or the game shall crash.

3 – Since the game is in beta, all your progress shall be completely wiped out when the developers release a stable version of the same.

4 – You can either log in the game through Facebook or can play the game as a guest.

5 – Due to beta version the game may freeze or encounter a network error occasionally.

6 – Servers may occasionally go down for maintenance and connections through the servers may take some time.

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