iPhone 3G S Price and Launch Date in India

iphone 3G S Finally, after a long wait it seems Apple have decided to roll out the most awaited iPhone 3G S in India. Though, in the Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) it was announced that iPhone 3G S will be launched in India and few other countries in the month of August (below is a screenshot of the presentation).

iphone 3G S in India

But as per the rumors floating on the Internet, iPhone 3G S will be launched in India in September 09 and Apple will be directly marketing it without bundling with any operator. It means you will no need to stick up with Airtel or Vodafone to use genuine hardware. About pricing, no official confirmations are out yet, but many assume it to be about 36K for 16GB version and 40K for 32GB model.

Our take: A price tag of 36,000 INR for the basic model of iPhone 3G S seems extremely ridiculous to me and I personally feel its not wise investing such a huge amount for iPhone 3G S.

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  1. bhargav Reply

    hi Deepak, i appreciate for what u hve achieved so far, kudos.!!
    so 36k for 16 gig 3gs seems unreasonable..?
    since i can’t find any smartphone with such a flare and overall browsing, ipod features. also it’s touch screen experience is like no other. so what do u recommend, is wroth enough to buy?, and hey! i have samsung 3g. it’s okay – gud phone. revert asap.

    thanks and regards
    bhargav. 🙂

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Sorry for late reply, but I guess Dnyanesh answered your query in the right time!
      Well, I have a mixed feeling about getting a iPhone 3GS or not.
      I like it ‘cos its systems are completely flawless with tons of apps available for it..

      So, if you its ok for you to get such an expensive phone, then be assured that your money is not going waste.
      Apple’s products are worth the money! 😉

      Thanks for looking over to Bhargav’s concern! 🙂

  2. Dnyanesh Mankar Reply

    The reason iPhone is so cheap in US and other countries is because it is available for purchase only under a contract. I think the price tag suits the phone which has exceptional hardware and other awesome features. Apple just needs to work on their pricing model for the products they sell in India. Regardless, those who love Apple products are most likely to ignore the price tag.

  3. Naman Reply

    Cmon, 3600 isn’t too expensive for iphone 3gs.
    The price in the US for Iphone 3gs without the contract in the US is $600 for the 16gb version. +taxes.
    Considering the current exchange rate and indian sales tax. the price is equivalent to about Rs 33000.
    Then when you’re buying such an expensive phone, a few thousand up or down doesn’t make that much of difference.
    And there is no phone that even comes close to the iphone. The nokia n97 which is such a useless bulky phone and still being sold for 31 grand. It doesn’t even have a capacitive touch screen for god sake. Cmon, if marketed right iphone is way better. The price isn’t ridiculous at all..
    And finally apps!!!

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