Apple iPhone 8 And iPhone 7S Rumoured Final Design Leaked

Rumors and leaks have been associated with flagships smartphones always, one launch is through another makes its way via such rumors and leaks flooded over the internet. Such rumors if to be believed, iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S plus and the very much awaited iPhone 8 were never far away. With the recent launch of the new iPad and introduction of the latest iOS version, everyone is looking towards the launch of the iPhone 7S, 7S Plus & iPhone 8.

As per a source from Reddit, some rear back panel images of the iPhone 7S & iPhone 7S alongside front and rear panels of the iPhone 8 has been leaked already.


The above pictures are the front and rear panel of the expected iPhone 8 which kind off seems pretty legit and also speaks a lot about the design which has been totally slashed over what was earlier been floating on the web. Expectations were Apple this time might introduce the iPhone 8 with nearly no bezels and would incorporate all the front hardware’s like the sensor, fingerprint module, earpiece and the camera flushed into the display itself. But if the above pictures have to be considered and which apparently seems like an exact design aspect for the final production units, you will still get a small visible part of the screen at the top which will be housing the earpiece, sensors and the front camera. Moreover, the bottom seems clean hence we can assume the front mounted fingerprint sensor to be implanted inside the screen. As per slash gear which assumes the iPhone 8 to have the fingerprint sensor built right onto the Apple logo behind which also could be a possibility. Also, the camera placements have been made vertical in order to facilitate the augmented reality ambitions revealed during the launch of iOS 11 earlier this month.


Also, iPhone 7S & 7S plus back panels were revealed which nearly resembles like the early versions. To addition, we can see that the back panels have been taken from aluminum built to glass built which as per the leaks suggest is for making rooms for wireless charging.

By the end, these are just leaks and rumors which may be or may not be right. Confirmations can only be made once the real phones are launched in an expected row soon followed with iPhone 8’s possible launch in September 2017.

Source: Reddit

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