Is the Android Based HTC Phone on the way to India?

The most hyped Google?s android OS for mobile phones is finally released in collaboration with HTC. You must be aware that, couple of days ago, HTC announced the android handset (pics available on the bottom of this post) in partnership with Vodafone. It means the android based HTC phone will be available in Vodafone networks.

But as of now, there is no hint whether Vodafone India will be launching this smart phone, based on Android operating system for its subscribers in India. Even the official page of HTC says, these phones will be made available exclusively for Vodafone users in UK, Spain, Germany and France and non exclusively in Italy. It means that this phone (HTC Magic) will be unlocked and made available in Italy unlike the other countries wherein the handset will be available exclusively on Vodafone networks.

Well, since this press release of HTC on February 17th, I am wondering whether the most hyped and awaited phone, HTC Magic, will be made available for Vodafone users in India or not as it has already been announced for Vodafone users in other countries like UK, Spain and Germany.

More importantly, as said in the above few lines, it is planned that this phone would be sold non-exclusively for mobile phone users in Italy. So, as this phone (sold in Italy) will be unlocked and sold non-exclusively in Italy, will they work with Indian networks, if yes, are they on the way to India?

Here are some pics of this lovable android based HTC phone ? HTC Magic.

Link: HTC Press Release

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