Is Vodafone’s Unlimited GPRS Plan Truly Unlimited?

vodafone-unlimited-gprs-at-rs.94 Yesterday, Vodafone announced unlimited GPRS Plan for Kerala circle for just Rs. 95 per month wherein, as per Vodafone, a customer can browse unlimited GPRS for one complete month. Even we were excited about this plan as its from Vodafone and will definitely be genuine and must provide reliable speed too. But later this plan seemed to be duping its customers.

Whatโ€™s the catch?

We came to know that, just like various Internet Service Providers (ISPs) unlimited plan, even this unlimited GPRS plan by Vodafone had a catch and the catch is, along with this plan there is a fair usage policy tied up which says that a customer will be charged for GPRS usage if his usage exceeds 50MB per month.

Is the plan really unlimited?

So its up to the users/customers to decide whether the plan is really unlimited or rather it should be called as a GPRS pack of Rs. 95 per 50 MB but we strictly believe that, Vodafone is simply fooling its customers by calling this 50 MB plan as โ€œUNLIMITEDโ€.

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  1. fasil Reply

    yes.vodafone is the most worst service provider.i used this plan for 2 months.after that i again recharged for 95.(i didn’t know the plan has changed.i just enjoyed.but next day i checked my balance,i wondered,it was -274.i just throne my sim to waste basket.i know the good service provider is airtel.

  2. Gagan Reply

    A flat lie by Vodaphone to the customers…..
    Instead, get a cellphone with WiFi and use it in the college campus for time pass

  3. vivek Reply

    airtel is the best service provider recharge 98 rs and get 2gb data for 1 month if u want to good speed in ur phone should be edge service then y get 15-25 KB downloading speed

  4. Mohan Reply

    The scheme mentioned here has been revised by Vodafone long back.

    Now it offers 5 GB instead of 50 MB.
    (voucher still says 50 MB although it gives 5 GB actually)

    I have been using Vodafone Live on my mobile and netbook for past 2 months.
    Hence 2 GB of Airtel is too less for that.

    Wait!! Story is not over.

    Out of 5 GB, I used 2.7 GB in the first month.
    I recharged again on the very last day.
    To my surprise I got usage of 2.3 + 5 = 7.3 GB! (Though my friend who recharged “after” last day of validity got only(?) 5 GB.

    This is my third month of using Vodafone live and my balance is a mind boggling 8.1 GB with 23 days to go!

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      As you can see, the post was published long back and the price and tariff have been revised after that! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Lotey navaab Reply

    hi friends!vodafone has launched a unlimited plan of 43 per week in rajasthan and downloading speed is very good up to 25 to 30kbps

    • lotey navaab Reply

      the worst thing of vodafone is that they do not tell gprs ballance and there is not any code to get to know abot gprs data ballance and even customer care not tell gprs ballance

    • lotey navaab Reply

      get unlimited gprs in rajasthan for just 47 rupees for 15days and speed up to 20to30,its absolutely true,just try it

      • lotey navaab Reply

        idea is giving unlimited gprs plans in rajasthan in just 47 for 15day and 95 for30days,its tottaly unlimited,why idea is not launching this plan other states????

    • lotey navaab Reply

      idea giving ulimited downloading in just 47 for 15days in rajasthan,absolutely true,just try it

  6. sagar Reply

    hi friends ,i just want to know how to connect to laptop through pc suite using vodafone 95 gprs plan…
    what is the access point..`

  7. Mohan Reply

    To connect 95 gprs to PC,
    In PC suite choose : manually
    APN / access point : portalnmms
    No username, password or command is needed if asked. Leave them blank.

    Done here.

    Now open internet explorer
    Internet options
    Here set your phone modem as default.
    Click settings
    Use proxy server …
    Proxy :
    Port : 9401


    Input the proxy and port no in other browsers if you use.

    To avoid problems in connection install IE8 or update to SP3 in XP.
    Vista and seven users wont have any problems.

    • shahrukh Reply

      hey mohan net is not working on mobile noka2730 but work on pc using mobile, i think there is anetwork problm

  8. john Reply

    How did you check the GPRS balance?
    *141# shows only the balance talktime amount.

  9. savio Reply

    @mohan, bro i getting vodafone prepaid connection in mumbai, i had terrible experience with airtel 2gb, is this 5gb for real coz my frnds told me it is still 50 mb only, so if i access facebook yahoo and download songs from will i be charged for it, plz help me bro?????

  10. Mohan Reply

    It is 2GB now and not 5GB.
    Apn is changed to “www” and not “portalnmms”

    Now they have changed to*141*10#

  11. PRASHANT Reply


  12. akshay Reply

    I can’t work with xp for vodafone.because my phone is fly b430ds.i didn’t get its pc suite.can u help me?

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      I doubt, Fly has a PC Suite.. If I get to know, I’ll surely post it on this blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

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