How many Life’s does a Mobile Phone have?

Note: This is a guest post by Srikanth of, an online marketplace to sell and buy used mobiles.

Are you are aware of the fact that a cat has nine lives? No, ain’t getting into a discussion if that’s a superstition or not, but that was the first thing that came to my mind when I learnt that even a mobile phone has nine lives i.e nine parts, each of which have different life-cycles. So, in short nine lives here too. The nine important and basic parts of a cell phone can be listed as below:

1.Circuit board
2.The LCD
8.The Plastic Case
9.Other Accessories (earphones, data cable etc)

Mobile phone parts

Though the average life span of a mobile phone is considered to be 18 months, it can go upto even 3-4 years. So, how does one arrive at this life cycle? It’s some math which takes into account the life-cycles of all these nine parts.

For example, the average life-cycle of a battery is considered to be 400-500 charge cycles i.e around 1-2 years, after which the battery needs to be charged more frequently and eventually dies. However, the lifecycle of the battery can be extended by practicing a few simple yet effective tips such as:

    • Unplugging the charger after charging the battery
    • Avoid using your mobile phone in extreme temperatures etc.

However, its not mandatory for you to go in for a new mobile phone just because your mobile is 18 months old. Look for a new mobile only if you have another reason as the device can be absolutely fine in some cases even if they are more than 18 months old. And, in case if you wish to sell your mobile, look for some classified websites or websites where you can sell used mobiles.

Give your mobile a new life instead of adding onto the electronic waste which is already piling up.

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