Locate any Store Near you on your Mobile with JustDial!

just dial If you are new to a place/city, if you want to locate a service centre for a product or if you want to search a business place in your city, then Justdial is in your rescue to provide you all the information on your finger tips. And the best part is, Justdial services are available free of cost!

Well, if you are thinking its “just-another-service” then it is not so. Just by using the service once, I was so tempted that I could not stop myself writing a post about it. Using this local search engine you can locate any store or business house in more than 240 Indian cities in just seconds.

Ways to use JustDial:

  • Web interface
  • Via JustDial number – 6999 99 99
  • Via their mobile web interface on GPRS enabled mobiles (m.justdial.com)

Web interface is quite irrelevant for us as we are discussing ways to access the information from mobile device, hence I’ll just mention about the other two ways!

Via Calling JustDial number – 6999 99 99:

If you do not have access to the internet or don’t have GPRS activated on your mobile, then you simply need to call Justdial’s easy-to-remember number –
6999 99 99 (prefix STD code of your present city if calling from mobile) and ask for the details of the desired shop/business place and they will immediately SMS you the details along with contact number of the business house. Simple isn’t it?

Via Mobile Site – m.justdial.com:

If you want the simplest way to get the details of a store near you and do not want to call up any number, then you will most probably like their mobile interface. If you have GPRS enabled mobile, simply point your mobile browser towards m.justdial.com and select your desired city and search with relevant terms. Also, you can even email or SMS the details to some of your friends free of cost. 😉

Here are some screenshots of how Justdial looks when accessed from a mobile browser:


Links: Justdial | m.justdial.com


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