4 Ways to View Updates & Results of London Olympics 2012 on Mobile Phones & Tablets

The Olympics 2012 fever is already on and many of you might not be able to keep yourself glued to the Television sets to view live broadcast of Olympics 2012. For your convenience, listed  here are few apps and various other ways to view the scores, results, schedule and NEWS related to Olympics 2012.

olympics 2012 updates mobile phone tablet

1. London 2012 Official Mobile App:

You can download the official London 2012 Olympics app for free. The app has varied features including checking live scores and results of games, schedule of upcoming events, detailed biography of participating athlete, setting reminders for specific games, support your country, push notifications to receive medal alerts and much more. Have a glimpse of the app on the video below:

Name of App: Official London 2012 Results
Platform Available: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone (Search on respective appstore)
Price: Free

2. London 2012 Official Mobile Web Page:

If because of some reason you cannot use the above apps, you have an option to visit the official London 2012 mobile web page from your data activated phone and view live updates.

Mobile page URL: m.london2012.com

3. Twitter:

If you are social media savvy person and love reading updates on twitter instead of following mainstream news, then Twitter definitely won’t disappoint you. In fact, people were hyper active in tweeting about the events and Olympic officials requested tweeters to minimize their mobile usage.

Twitter hash tag: #London2012
Official Twitter Handle: @London2012
Facebook Profile: http://fb.me/London2012

4. SMS:

No need to disappoint if you do not own a smart and fancy phone to download these apps. Using some workaround you too can get the Olympic updates on your mobile via SMS.

You can follow the official twitter account @London2012 and use Twitter Via SMS that will push updates to your phone via text messages. Know more on Twitter via SMS here.

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