Official Man Of Steel App arrives exclusively for Nokia’s Lumia range of Windows Phones

Without second thoughts, Man of Steel is the most anticipated and eagerly awaited Hollywood superhero flick for 2013. Taking advantage of this, Nokia has brought the official app of the same film for Windows Phone. So yes, it’s only for the Lumia range of devices.

The app brings a lot for fans to indulge up until the release next month. There are wallpapers, character information, interactive game that puts you in control of Superman’s flight. The game comes with 4 chapters and 40 game challenges and players can post their rewards and photos from the app on social networks.

The app will also allow users to locate where the film is being shown in the local multiplexes, which as expected will be achieved by Nokia’s HERE Maps. US and UK residents will be able to purchase tickets as well. There’s something for everyone. All comic lovers can even read 4 full-length issues of Superman Origins by DC Comics. There are movie trailers, filming locations and latest news categories to keep you informed and excited about the film.

Try the app for yourself and shower your excitement for Superman in the comments below.

Link: Download Man of Steel App for Nokia Lumia Phones

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