New Year with New Design, Goals and Targets

Before going ahead and discussing more about the recent changes on Mobile Gyaan, I wish all our blog readers and well-wishers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year ahead. May you get all the happiness and success you wish for yourself.

happy new year 2011

Mobile Gyaan’s New Theme and Avatar:

For the past few months, this change was much needed and I am happy we are finally up with an elegant theme and a decent new logo for Mobile Gyaan (much thanks to our designer friend – Dnyanesh Mankar & coder – Arjun Kumar)

mobile gyaan logo

Apart from the new logo, we have also worked on the theme of this blog (full screenshot) to give you a refreshingly new look along with various important features and performance improvements as listed below:

  • Minimalistic homepage with support for post thumbnails on the home page, archive pages, author pages, etc.
  • A featured posts slider on home page with several past posts that we think would come handy to every mobile phone user
  • Few new widgets on sidebar, FB Like widget, etc.
  • Bread crumb navigation support on posts and pages
  • Threaded comments and ajaxified comment submission (comments submission without reloading the page) for better interaction experience
  • Many more performance improvements on the back-end that you’ll eventually experience after browsing the site for a while.

I am a Full-time Blogger

This year (May 2010) I completed my graduation and since then I had options such as higher studies, job or professional blogging to go ahead with. After a lots of brain-storming sessions for couple of months, I finally decided to drop out of CA (Chartered Accountancy) and take up blogging as my full time profession. I am very much thankful to Rahul Bansal, Amit Bhawani, Yogesh Goel, Anoop Sir, Nalin Jain and few other friends who helped me take this crucial decision of my life. Not to forget, I am also thankful to my parents who allowed me take this step (though it was really hard to convince them). Presently I am also pursuing 2 post-graduation courses that I don’t think would take up much of my time and let me remain active here on MG. I also extend thanks to our co-writers – Kartik, Srivatsan, & Saurabh who helped sail MG while I was busy with my academic studies.

Plans ahead

As am already into MG fulltime, you can expect more of mobile ‘gyaan’ here on this blog and as usual, I’ll try my best to keep posting stuff that you readers would love to read. Apart from that, also wait for an exciting announcement later today (will be posted as another post).

For the year 2011 we have these targets which we can fulfill with you readers’ love:

  • Be one of the best portal in India for mobile related news, help, tips and tricks
  • Have at least a million page views per month by the year end
  • Grow our subscriber base (email readers) to 10,000 from ~2500 (while writing this post)
  • Help max. numbers of mobile users (who are getting harassed by several telecom operators’ bad services in India)

Your comments and suggestions

After all its you readers who keep us going with nice feedbacks and criticisms. Please keep them coming to help us grow and serve you with the best quality articles. You can use the contact form to reach us or mail us at: mail[at]mobilegyaan[dot]com. If you have any suggestions or want to report any bug in this theme, please use the comment form below.

Subscribe to Mobile Gyaan

I take it as an opportunity to let you all know the various ways that you can keep yourself connected with Mobile Gyaan and stay up-to-date with latest posts from Mobile Gyaan:

Wish us luck

We believe in doing rather than just talking. So here I stop writing and request all of you readers to wish us Good luck and help us accomplish the targets mentioned above.

Wish you all a Happy New Year again. 🙂

Founder & Editor-in-chief
Mobile Gyaan


      • Rajesh Reply

        I am a CA too but I would have advised you to complete your CA first. You could have then continued with your passion.You are still very young and education would be the foremost choice at your age. Blogging is fine but you are not independent as a blogger as many would say.You are dependent on ad companies like google and off-course search engines like google, bing etc. These dependencies are never predictable. But a professional certification would be very handy in case you are forced to take another path.

        Anyway, good luck with you and if possible do complete your CA. 🙂

        • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

          Hi Rajesh, thanks for sparing few minutes and showing your concern about my future studies. Well, I tried my best to continue CA but it makes no point to keep wasting time on a subject that you are not interested in. Its been at least 6 months before I finally took the decision to go ahead with blogging. So I don’t wanna look back again!

          About professional degrees, 1 among the 2 PG courses I mentioned above is MBA. So I feel it should help me in case of any problem with my blogging career.

          Thanks again for your constructive criticism. Happy new year and welcome to Mobile Gyaan. 🙂

          • Rajesh

            wish you good luck for your MBA and blogging journey 🙂 and sorry I forgot to add this before…you have a neat and good layout here…, if possible try to make the content area wider as it will be good for pics..

          • Deepak Jain Post author

            First of all sorry for late reply, Rajesh. Been away from work desk for a while.
            Thanks for your compliments. About content area, its purposely set to what it is now.

  1. Yogesh Reply

    Again i wud say wow is the word i can say…
    this surely beats the old one….
    well, change is in the air and in the world and ur website needed one such big change…
    we surely wud keep u up with wat is less and wat is more on ur website…
    just remember one thing in life…doing shud be the 1st thing and then thinking shud cum….
    so u see….”JUST DO IT” shud be ur prime motto…

    as of now…well done…
    may God give u watever u wish for…

    tke cre
    b well…

  2. Prabal @ Price Arena Reply

    Yea, now your website looks more awesome. 😉 I am in luv with the new logo. Its truly superb. My best wishes to you. Cheers !

  3. saurabh Reply

    woah!! well done buddy. The colors, the logo, the kickass stuff- slide out & all the icons in it…. love em all… pretty well designed, great going….

  4. Nalin Reply

    Hey depak,

    Congratulations !!!

    wish this site gets the name of max visitors in 2011 and coming years too….

    Nice to see this update cheers!!!! its so fresh to see it …

    Gooodyyy logo

  5. Prabodh Reply

    All the best Dj, I am 100% happy and I truly think u have taken right decision…..When our job becomes passion we are bound to succeed. Once again all the best buddy and please let me know if any thing we can help u around….would suggest you to look on he is one in your shoes…

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