MNP Helplines of all Telecom Operators – Mobile Number Portability

Mobile Number Portability is going to be launched in all Indian states from tomorrow and telecom operators are trying to woo as many customers to make them move to their services by promising various goodies or other types of benefits in terms of services, better coverage, free talk-time, etc.

Many telecom operators has already rolled a dedicated MNP helpline to help customers to opt-in to their services using Mobile Number Portability.

mobile number portability

Here is the list of MNP helpline numbers of various Indian telecos that would help you for easy migration from one operator to another.

  • TATA Docomo MNP Helpline: 1800-266-0000 (Toll-free)
  • IDEA MNP Helpline: 1800-270-0000 (Toll-free)
  • Vodafone MNP Helpline: 1800-1234567 (Toll-free)
  • Aircel MNP Helpline: 98020 98020
  • Airtel MNP Helpline: 1800-103-1111
  • BSNL MNP Helpline: 1800-180-1503
  • MTNL (Mumbai) MNP Helpline: 1800-22-1503

We will keep this section updated as and when there’s any new helpline numbers from other operators. Do let us know if you know of any other dedicated MNP helpline number via comments below.


  1. Rajesh Reply

    I think Tata DOCOMO has launched their helpline number too – 1800 266 0000…

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  3. Ashok Reply

    I want to change my CDMA no. to GSM but i am unable to send sms at 1900 every time sms failed what to do?

    • Outspoken Reply

      Call the operator you want to change to, using the above numbers.
      Remember call the NEW operator, the old one will not be willing to provide you the support to _Leave_ them πŸ™‚

  4. Qayyum Reply

    Local dealers in my area are still not accepting CDMA to GSM portability. Is there any technical problem? Please post.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Nope, there’s no such reported technical issues. Your local dealers must have not rcvd MNP/blank SIMs used for porting. Wait for some days, and the procedure will be smooth.

  5. jeetendra singh Reply

    within how much time unique port in code gets after sending sms to 1900

  6. Monti Narula Reply

    if i want to cencel portibilty within 24 hour. Confirm me a processure

  7. Jayarajan Reply

    I didn’t get MNP code by sending SMS to 1900. Now what can I do. Whom i have to complaint?

  8. Vilas Reply

    Hey All Do not go for AIRTEL …Very worst service…low Network all over…Poor Customer Support………

    • Roshan Reply

      I have been using Airtel in Karnataka(1 year) , Maharashtra(1.5 Years) and Andhra pradesh (7 Years) and I did not face any problem, be it roaming or local… it is a personal experience though!

  9. rajesh ketkar Reply

    every operator declining mnp prepaid no saying those are lifetime prepaid no so you have to make them normal prepaid first and after 90 days can go for porting this is a examle of how pvt sector shows govt regulation garbage bag treatment i have had similar exp when i try to port from loop to vodafone try is chu******** cant they understand this first

  10. rafiq Reply

    i was try to call at 1900 form my airtel NO for PORT OUT
    but aitel did not provide MNP
    so what i do

  11. bettaswamy bp Reply

    hai friends donot choose mnp bsnl with karnataka becose cc care excutve talking with custmer own bsnl nework like that and iam not conveting bsnl 2g to 3g problem from 40 days iam un happy with bsnl mnp and 3g cc care and resolve custmer problem my mobile 9342020406

  12. Manoj Reply

    i am Manoj , if anybody want to port out there numbers to vodafone can call me on +919823107821

  13. Prem Reply

    Hi friends please let me know can i change my ping number to other service provider

  14. dmk rao Reply

    I could not succeed in getting mobile number portability from tata indicom cdma to airtel gsm.I have made umteen enquiries about this but failed to get reasonable response from the operators. Please advice.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Mr. Rao, in this case the best bet would be contacting, both, the donor and receiver’s nodal/appellate officers seeking information about why the porting request was being cancelled?

      Important: Make sure to make communications with these officers via some written mode (email preferably).

      Do let us know the outcomes.

  15. Kataria Reply

    I want to My CDMA MTS no. port to Reliance Jio. so that is possible How?

    I always try to written port space mobile no. and send to 1900. but this msg is failed again and again.

    so plz solution my problem.

  16. Maheshprashanth k Reply

    Pls tell the correct toll free number for Airtel

  17. Bivu Reply

    Sir I just ported my number from jio to Airtel 5 days back .The SMS said that it the new Airtel sim would be activated within 12/7/19; but till now it isn’t activated.When I Contacted Airtel customer service they expressed their helplessness saying that it was JIO’s fault .Jio customer care didn’t even listen please help me in this situation

  18. dhruv gusain Reply

    I have send message 10times to port number to 1900 but i haven’t received a UPC code help me please

  19. Raman Sharma Reply

    I want to mnp my cell no relince CDMA to any network, but my sim is lost any procedure help me

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