Mobi Reader – Best Mobile Ebook Reader

This is a free application to read any type of Ebooks on your phone. It supports several types of devices such as Windows / Windows Mobile / PalmOS / Symbian / Blackberry and various other java phones and also helps read several type of file formats like pdf, html, doc, etc. This App needs to be installed on your phone and the mobile Ebook creator/converter must be installed in your computer and the file that you wish to read on mobile needs to converted on your PC so the mobile app can read your file.

How to Install Mobile Ebook Reader?

  • The mobile application can be downloaded here and can be transferred  to your device. Download this file if you use Java phone (Both .jar and .jad must be in the same folder and click .jad to install).
  • If you want to download through wap on your Java phone then visit from your Java phone browser and follow the instructions.
  • If the application says the certificate is invalid then Change your phone’s date to 01/07/2008  and go to options->application access – > data access -> “Read User Data” and “Add and edit data” to -> Always Allowed

How to install Mobi Pocket Creator on PC?

  • Downloaded it from here and install it on your computer system.

How to convert the books on it?

  • Open the Mobi Pocket Creator from the shortcut on your computer
  • Select the type of the files you need to convert under import such as Word, HTML, Text, PDF
  • Browse for the file and click import (Takes time based on the number of pages).
  • Now Click the file after conversion and click ‘Build’.
  • Select the type of compression needed and click build (Encryption can be set if you need otherwise leave it)
  • Now select the option ‘open folder’ containing Ebook and click OK.
  • There will be several files on the folder. Now copy the first file on the folder and put it into the Ebook folder on the memory card on your phone.
  • Now open the MobiPocket application on your phone. It will show the file. Open it and start reading.

Features on the mobile application

  • Back and font color can be changed in the settings.
  • Bookmarks can be added so no need to search for the pages you left every time.
  • Several books can be added

Mobile Shortcuts for better book reading on mobile

  • # (Hash)To view the page in full screen.  press it twice to get landscape view on full screen
  • 0 (Zero) – To change the background and font color combinations
  • * (Star)  – To add Bookmark to a page. When you open the Book again it will directly go to bookmark

Verdict – This is a very useful app for mobile not only to view PDF but also HTML, Word and Text Files. It is Free of cost and works on almost all the mobiles. Install it on your mobile and read whatever you want on the go.

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