Mobile Gyaan with New Looks and Style!

Exactly a year ago, on 9th of August 2008, this domain – was registered and since then I have written many blog posts reviewing products, mentioning tips and news about mobiles, etc.

Since day one, I wanted to have a good and decent looking theme for this blog but due to time constraint I began with a temporary ready made theme. Fortunately, about a month ago, my friend Arjun turned up to help me out designing a theme for Mobile Gyaan and now this blog has such a good and decent looking theme just because of Arjun’s hard work.

I am very much thankful to Arjun for devoting his time and effort towards developing this theme despite of his studies and busy schedule. I am also equally thankful to Rahul who acted as the core of Mobile Gyaan, without whom, I doubt Mobile Gyaan would have existed. Along with, my friend Dnyanesh too helped me to a great extent designing the header images and logos for MG!

I would also like to extend my thanks to Pavan, Harsh, Farrhad, Satish, Yogesh, Saurabh and others who continuously keep guiding me to the right path! Over and above, its you readers who make Mobile Gyaan a successful blog. A big thanks to you readers too!

Major Changes to the theme:

Many functionality and style have been changed for a joyful browsing experience on Mobile Gyaan. Listed here are some of the major important changes made:

  • mgAs you can view in the image (click to enlarge), existing search bar has been replaced with Google custom search and moved to top right corner of the header image.
  • A customized tabbed widget has been placed for best using the available estate wherein you can browse recent posts, featured posts and tag cloud
  • Space for categories section in the right side-bar has been increased with ‘tree view’ so that users can easily switch between available categories and sub-categories.
  • A small clip of my Interview on Zee news (related to SMS) has been placed ‘only’ on the home screen so that mobile users could be made aware about the loop holes associated with growing technology! 😉
  • As far as individual pages are concerned, bookmarking icons (like digg, stumbleupon, etc) has been placed so that visitors can easily bookmark their favorite links on their preferred bookmarking sites.

Apart from the above changes, many other minor changes has been made in the theme’s functionality and colors!

Optimized for Mobile Browsing

Mobile Gyaan for Mobile Being a mobile related blog, it was hard for me not to have a mobile optimized version as many visitors like to browse this blog using their mobile phone. Hence, you can now easily and happily browse this mobile blog using your mobile phone! 😉 Also, you can get Mobile Gyaan updates via free SMS messages.

Suggestions please

I personally figured out many bugs and errors while using the new theme in various browsers, but I still doubt the new theme is free from bugs, so, if you find anything wrong or have some suggestions for this theme then please do let us know via comments or use the contact form so that we work upon your suggestions.

Plans ahead

I am really happy to see this theme up in time so that, I can now concentrate on new posts simultaneously with my studies! You can now expect new posts on Mobile Gyaan more often, also keep following me on Devils Workshop for new tech related stuff that I keep posting there.


    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      @Farrhad, Satish, Pavan
      Thank you very much guys!
      I was really excited to get your feedback on it and am more than happy to know that you people liked Arjun’s (Theme designer) effort! 😉

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      @Jithesh, Dnyanesh
      Thanks much! 🙂

      Thanks 2 u 2 for sharing ur thoughts about MG’s makeover.
      About browsershot, yes I am aware about such service, though I am yet to use it for this site. Will check it out for sure!
      Adsense ToS- as per some other popular tech bloggers, that should not be a problem.

      Will also consider experimenting about your category page to get max benefits!

  1. binaryday Reply

    Hi Deepak,

    Really nice theme. Congratulations.

    My 2 cents,

    you may use to check your blog in different browsers and screen resolutions.

    The adsense block in the sidebar gets hidden when you go to other tabs. Please check if it is ok with adsense ToS.

    The overall seo of the theme is really good. You may reconsider the title of the category pages.

  2. Harsh Agrawal Reply

    Hey Deepak
    Nice changes….
    Thoughts :
    You can add a long footer with your recent post, mybloglog widget or some thing more….
    This will give you advantage in SEO and more over you can build a community on your blog..
    Rest everything seems to be good now..
    Will let you know in case if I find something buggy

  3. Arjun S Kumar Reply

    Thanks my dear bro..for giving a wonderful oppurtunity to design a theme for u..

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Thanks very much dear Harsh.
      I have taken note of the points you’ve mentioned, will definitely keep experimenting on them 🙂

      You are welcome Arjun! 🙂
      I really appreciate your interest and effort towards MG.

      You are welcome Sayanth. You can subscribe to us via email for regular updates!

  4. avesh Reply

    hi deepak
    good work dear
    dear friend i need help u
    my mobile is lost 06/06/10
    imei no is 358609036205443
    plese deepak help me for serch my mobile

    ok by i m waiting for ur ans.

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