Easily Find the Name behind unknown Mobile and Landline Numbers

Unknown phone number lookupHow would it be if you could easily find the name associated with a phone number (mobile & landline) without having to go through the legal complications?

Presenting ‘True Caller’, a brilliant service that helps you find out name of the person associated with any given phone number and the best part being, you can perform a number lookup for not just India or America, but any country across the globe. All you need to do is download & install True Caller application for your phone either from your smart phone’s app store or by visiting m.truecaller.com from your phone browser.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you just need to enter a mobile/landline number and TC will look into its database for the owner name of the phone number. At the time of writing this post, TC had over 622 million mobile numbers in their database, so chances are pretty high that you’ll end up finding the name of that anonymous caller.

Other features of the application

It is not all, here is the best feature of the application. True Caller has an embedded feature that will notify you the owner name of any unknown numbers during incoming and outgoing calls provided you have data services running in the background.

unknown mobile number details

Though the application is available for all major smart phone platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows & Nokia; at any point of time you can also visit their website to perform an online lookup.

How does the application work?

Worried if your personal data are getting leaked from your telecom operator? We doubt if that’s really the case. In fact its your friends, colleagues and people in your peer who are to be blamed, as there’s a feature inside the app that lets someone sync & update their current phonebook & contacts with the its database. In the process, TC copies all their contact details into its database thus increasing the number of known contacts every second. As simple as that.

Privacy Concerns

A simple Google search will reveal that there are several privacy concerns being raised in the past, regarding True Caller. The Economic Times mentions:

Unlisted private mobile phone numbers of Cabinet ministers such as Kapil Sibal and P Chidambaram, top industrialists such as Mukesh Ambani and Sunil Mittal, celebrities such as Shah Rukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar are among millions of Indian numbers listed on the database of a Scandinavian app maker, thanks to unsuspecting smartphone users who let the app harvest their phone’s contact list

If you are someone who prefers to remain in incognito mode, you have the option of un-listing your number by visiting deregister page and remain anonymous to other TC users.

Thank you Nalin Jain for the tip. (You too can send us tips, mail us at [email protected])

Links: True Caller | FAQs | Download True Caller


        • rabia Reply

          hi i lost my friend contact wanted to relocte his address by his contact number which has been off do kindly help me

        • kavita Reply

          8681986866,….want the details of name location and address of this number soon…plz help me out…itz very urgent…n send details 2 my mail id….hope 4r ur mail…bye

        • Ashok Gupta Reply

          Dear Friend,
          I am ashok age 60 retired. i got cheated by a comapny and the numbers these people called from are: 07530846736,09718553657 and 08588815340,
          Your help will enable me to trace these addresses and file criminal complaint.
          Thanks in advance for your help
          Ashok Gupta

  1. kishore Reply

    please be aware that the application will steal the local contacts and publishes in the server…

  2. Nawajish Reply

    it is not working…..i tried on several numbers …..then i tried my papa’s number which is 4 years old…..yet the app could not trace nything but the provider’s name ,,,,,,

  3. DrJPB Reply

    All your contacts (stored in your device) is being shared with whole world, specially the ones using Truecaller, and God know that they might sell it for adds and marketing.
    I tried blocking my contact list in my smartphone device, after that the application refused to work properly. If they let the user to decide, then it’s fair, else they are bunch of apes.

  4. Krishna Kumar Reply

    I have an android phone of SPICE Mi495 and installed the app of TRUE CALLER but it shows “Unfortunately stopped True Caller”. Plz help if you can


      Please help me find out this mobile number: 7409893126. And who is the owner. And call details if this number. Continuously calling me. And when I call no reaction

  5. anurag sharma Reply

    Plz. Provide me mobile owner name location and address with full details of this no. 09058359571. Dear sir plz. Helpe me plz. Send the details to my mail I’d [email protected]. I will be very thanked to you .

  6. Susheel Verma Reply

    7258905922,….want the details of name location and address of this number soon…plz help me out…itz very urgent…n send details 2 my mail id….hope 4r ur mail…bye

  7. Neeraja Gupta Reply

    Plz. Provide me mobile owner name location and address with full details of this no. 08603266644 and +18603266644 or any other information which you can provide to me. Dear sir plz. Help me plz. Send the related details to my mail address [email protected]. I will be very thankful to you . I got cheated by this person. due to this, I am in the stage of great depression.please sir I need your help. Do something for me.
    Your help will enable me to trace these addresses and file criminal complaint.

  8. Pankaj satone Reply

    i want to know two address via mobile no.

    one is shitij and his no. is 9718967711

    and other is puneet , his mobile no. is 8178626901

  9. Animesh debnath Reply

    Plz help me to find the owner of the number 8014958964

  10. chandra kant Reply

    sir i want to get this mobile number 9166983420 owners name and adress please sir

  11. Rounak Das Reply

    Sir I want to get this mobile number 9166983420 owner’s name

  12. S. B. SINGH Reply

    plz I want to get owner name and address of mob number917318269777, 917318545016,and918317010234

  13. Arijita Roy Reply

    I want to know the owners name of this no 8336042169. Please

  14. Wilma Reply

    Please check this number for me who really he is +44 7452 391253 what his name and home address and work address
    Thank you for your help
    6047826385 this is my contact

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