Mobile Number Portability: How to Port Mobile Number in India, Charges & Other Details

mobile-number-portability-india Those who are still unaware about Mobile Number Portability (MNP), it is a  service using which a mobile  phone subscriber can migrate from one operator to another without having to change his/her mobile number. For example, you can opt to choose for Voafone services on your Airtel number or vice-versa, courtesy MNP.

As of now mobile number porting can be done only within the same telecom circle and not on inter-state or inter-telecom circle basis. Meaning, you can only port the number in the same state/circle where the mobile number originates. But good news is that, inter-state MNP has already been approved by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) and telecom operators will be soon introducing inter-state MNP services too.

How to port your mobile number?

Its simple, all you’ve to do is

  • Generate UPC (Unique Porting Code)  from the same number that you wish to port (procedure mentioned below)
  • Clear all your pending dues (if your’s is a post-paid mobile connection)
  • Visit a mobile outlet or nearby store of the new operator along with:
    -The UPC code thus generated
    – A photo and a copy of your identity proof
  • Pay the requisite porting fees of Rs. 19/-
  • Get your number ported to new operator within the stipulated time frame of 15 days

Generating UPC for Mobile Number Portability:

  • Send an SMS: PORT<space>Mobile Number (that is to be ported) to 1900
    For ex. PORT 9812345678
  • Your existing operator will immediately provide with an 8 digit alpha-numeric porting code that you need to submit to the operator you wish to opt to along with relevant documents. (The unique porting code will be valid only for 24 hours)

FAQs related to Mobile Number Portability:

  1. Can I migrate a number from one state to another via MNP?
    Unfortunately, currently you can only migrate to another operator within the same circle. But inter-state portability will be launched in India very shortly.
  2. What are the minimum and maximum time specified for porting number from one operator to another?
    Porting time could be anything between 24 hours to 4 days.
  3. What are the charges for Porting to another operator?
    As mentioned above, service providers can charge a maximum of Rs. 19 for porting a number .
  4. Who is eligible for availing mobile number portability?
    Any customer having a mobile number older than 90 days can migrate to another operator with the same number. He/She will have to wait for another 90 days before being able to port their number again.
  5. Will my number be dead during the porting process?
    As per the details available, a number will remain dead for 2 hours approximately during the porting process. Fortunately, the 2 hours downtime will be between 10 PM and 5 AM IST.
  6. Can I migrate my post-paid number to another operator with prepaid services or vice-versa?
    Yes, that can be done once you clear off all pending dues with the current operator.
  7. Will my prepaid balance carry-forward to new operator?
    No. All remaining balance on your mobile will get lapsed and will not be carried-forward to the new operator. Thus, its advisable to completely use the available talk-time before moving to another operator.
  8. Can I port my CDMA number to GSM operator or vice versa?
    Yes, with the introduction of MNP, moving from CDMA to GSM or vice-versa is possible too, but your existing mobile will be rendered useless if you opt to move from CDMA to GSM technology.
  9. Can I port my landline number to a mobile service provider?
    Porting a landline number to a mobile operator is possible in countries like US though, for now, Indian govt. has planned to launch MNP only for mobile phone users. India might witness landline number portability in the future.
  10. Will I get any freebies from the operator I am porting my number to?
    During the launch of MNP in India, various freebies were offered by new operator to welcome its customer. Do check with the new service providers’ customer care if any welcome offer is available currently.

Have any questions?

Feel free to drop a line below via comments and we shall look into it.

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  1. Swapneel Reply

    Can i take my calling, sms, gprs skims along with me or that will be vanished?

    • sanjay kumar Reply

      hello frnd i also want to know the answer of this question……………

  2. chiranjivee suresh Reply

    After getting MNP service will I have to be chainged the CDMA moble handset to GSM mobile handset if I wish to move from CDMA service to GSM service thro portability

    • Haranadh Reddy Reply

      Yeah, you have to discard your CDMA handset and buy a GSM Handset.Or if your existing handset is of dual sim type (CDMA+GSM) then you sac still use your old handset.

  3. anil Reply

    I want to port to bsnl .which give one month free internet.i want to know If I port to bsnl prepaid 3g then too will I get free internet or this offer is only for 2g bsnl they {bsnl} are offering internet and 100 talktime.please reply [email protected]

  4. jayprakash Reply

    Inter mobility for ex. reliance CDMA to Reliance GSM is pble. If yes, Rs.19/- will be charged or not.

  5. Deepak Reply

    my prepaid mobile number goes to minus.can i port my number in another company…

  6. seema gupta Reply

    what if my address changes? I do not reside at the same place proof of which was given earlier at the time of taking connection .so nw i wil nt b able to give proof of that address

  7. shikha Reply

    I Purchased a no. 3 yr back bt same was nt activated on my name due to dealers mistake. nw hw can i change operator?

  8. Vaibhav Reply

    can i port my mobile number from one state to another under the same circle(from kolkata to chennai)??

  9. Deepak Jain Post authorReply

    You’ll have to choose from various given options.

    Unfortunately, not.

    @Manish Jadli:
    Welcome to Mobile Gyaan! 🙂 You can subscribe to our free email alerts.

    @chiranjivee suresh:
    Yes, you cannot use GSM services on CDMA handset or vice-versa.

    You can do so if you are from Haryana (as MNP is launched only over there for now) by visiting a local dealer.

    @Arjun S Kumar:
    Thanks for the compliments.

    Almost all mobile customers are! 🙂

    Possible, will be charged too!

    Though there’s no clarification about this from any operator. You problably won’t be able to port to another opeator if you have a negative balance.

    @seema gupta:
    You can submit new details while migrating to another operator.

    You’ll need to talk to your current operator for this.

    Anytime before January 20, 2011 as per the details available from concerned authority.

    Unfortunately, that’s not possible at the moment.


    MNP will be started in Delhi in January, 2010…..

    I live in Delhi….. and I have Tata Indicom Prepaid mobile connection, which is a CDMA service…..

    Can I switch to Airtel Prepaid GSM from Tata Indicom Prepaid CDMA, after the MNP is implemented in Delhi…..

    Please reply…..


    Can I switch to Airtel Prepaid GSM from TATA Indicom Prepaid CDMA, after the MNP is implemented in Delhi…..

  12. Narasimha Reply

    Respected sir,
    Can I port from reliance cdma to relianc gsm in Andhra Pradesh Circle and when will it possible
    Thanking you

  13. Satya Kumar Reply

    @Deepak Jain,

    Very nice post, which explains everything about MNP in India. But still I have one doubt that once a mobile number has been ported to a new service provider, will the new service provider logo appear on phone ? Because I have learned that complete MNP data base is maintained by a third party company.

    Thank you

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Thanks for appreciating the post, Satya.
      Yes, new operator’s logo/name can be seen after porting mobile number to another opeator.

  14. Raj Reply

    I hav seen in other site that mnp in andhra will launch at 17 dec. . .thats why i asked

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Actually, as far as I know, there are no specific dates for any state/city. All its been declared that MNP will be pan-India by Jan. 20

  15. suresh Reply

    Will 3G option Mobile set support 2G also with the same number
    Thank You for your great service

  16. Brijesh Reply

    Can I interchange two mobile numbers using MNP, if I want to continue the services of both the operators?

  17. sushant Reply

    i have airtel mobile number of maharashtra circle, and now i am in andhra pradesh so i am paying roaming charges of 1rs/per min. if i will choose any other service(as per MNP) in AP then roaming charges will be applied to me or i will be free from roaming charges.

    Please reply me as soon as possible

    thanks in advance

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      As of now, you cannot change your telecom circle using the same number with MNP.
      Though, as per experts, inter circle MNP may be launched in the future.

  18. parag Reply

    I have 3 sims Aitel (#A), D0como (#D) and reliance GSM(#R)

    Can i ditch Airetel service port A to D and then port D to R?

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      You can go from A->D but to again port from D->R you’ll have to wait for another 90 days.
      Check out the conditions mentioned above.

      • Focus Reply

        yes you can.

        Port #A to Docomo and port #D to Reliance.

        Airtel Number and Docomo numbers are two different numbers, this can happen parlelly…

      • Focus Reply

        yes you can.

        Port #A to Docomo and port #D to Reliance.

        Airtel Number and Docomo numbers are two different numbers, this can happen parlelly…

  19. Darshan sarode Reply

    HELLO friends, I m having cdma virgin can u pls tell me what is that rendering in portability

  20. Anand Reply

    Dear Mr. Deepak,

    Is it possible to port MTS CDMA to some other CDMA in Tamil Nadu without changing Mobile set????

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    • Kiran Reply

      @deepak.. thank u for all d informations.. As per u said above, from today dats 20 jan, d MNP wil be available pan india.. so now can i change my karnatak vodafone number to tamilnadu airtel or vodafone only.. plz do reply..

        • pradip Reply

          hi DEEPAK
          i have relince cdma no. from mumbai, but i am in pune from last 3 years. can i port my no. to vodafone in pune, i tried twice to post to vodafone but it dosen’t work , vodafone system says wrong ucg code.
          what sud i do? pls reply

    • AIM Reply

      Tried to initiate a move from Airtel and sent the message PORT with my num to Airtel but received a response that “MNP is not yet launched for your service area. SMS to 1900 is chargeable, Thank you”. I am from delhi and made this request just around 5:00 pm.

      Is MNP not yet activated for Delhi people ? Should I continue with the nasty service provider further?

      • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

        Seems you did some mistake while sending the SMS.
        Please try again by sending
        PORTspaceMobile number
        and send to 1900

        Many other has already received their UPC successfully!

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    • Navaneeth Reply

      I am having Tata indicom CDMA connection(Maharashtra). I wanted to change my connection to Reliance CDMA(Maharashtra). It is possible to change connection without changing the Mobile hand set?

  23. Akhil Reply

    I have got unique porting code
    Now what is the next step.
    Can I change number within same circle during roaming also

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      You need to visit the new operator’s office with required documents and the porting code. Please read the post above in detail!

  24. Karthik Reply

    Hi Friends,
    I have a Tata Docomo mumbai number.Can I switch to Vodafone Pune without any problem?

  25. praveen Reply

    can i port my reliance CDMA to GSM permanentaly ? charges 19rs/month or what?

    Same call charges or what?

  26. kamlesh Reply

    can we shift from airtel to reliance cdma, (gsm to cdma) & if yes do we need to change the handsets for that??

  27. sandeep Reply

    hi i am reliance gsm user in mpcg but network not genret upc for any smart user in mpcg

    help me
    were i am comlein


  28. Ammulu Reply

    sir i have use Airtel service so iam move to bsnl service.
    i wil get plannig plans for bsnl network

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Good. But don’t forget that for the next 90 days you will not be able to change your number to another operator using MNP.

  29. Suhail Khan Reply

    Sir, can i port from tata docomo to virgin gsm ? And i wud like to knw that application form of UPC has where to be sent ?

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Yes. YOu’ll have to carry the UPC along with all your documents (ID proof+address proof+photo) to the operator’s store whom you want to opt-in.

  30. R Reply

    i have a doubt im trying for no. portability
    as i was really troubled with my old network
    but aas im sending message to my operator it is saying that message sent id failed check details then how can i change to other n/w.
    where shud we need to complain abt this issue


  31. Arpit Jain Reply

    i m using a number of tata indicom of u.p. circle & i want to port it into delhi circle. is it possible?
    if yes tell me how.

  32. kshiteesh Reply

    lets say after changing from “X” operator service to “Y” operator service, How many days i have to keep the same connection?
    What is the minimum duration to keep “Y” before switching to “Z”???

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      It takes around 7 days to port out from one operator to another. Once you port to another operator, you cannot move to one more before 90 days.

  33. Vikram Reply

    I got the port number from bsnl and given to Idea. But to my surprise after 15 days idea informed me that the port number is not matching and we have again get the new port number. we have mentioned the correct port number. can you let me know whose fault might be in this and can we check any where regarding the status of the port number given to us on internet

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Hard luck Vikram! If you are sure the port number was correct, I would suggest you to submit your application again.

  34. Aneesh Reply

    i’d submitted my form for MNP to airtel and i recieved its success, along with the porting date and time (with a few other numbers o_o). But later, my mobile ran out of battery and turned off at night and in the morning, i have no network, it says “No service”.
    what does that mean?
    is it in process?
    but i never recieved any msg from airtel, telling me the time and date of porting…
    did i miss it while my mobile was off?

    thanx for the help in advance 🙂

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Aneesh, seems like your number has already been ported to new operator. You try using the new sim and you’ll probably get network!

  35. Manikanta Reply

    Hey I have a problem..!! I have submitted my form for the mnp from bsnl to vodafone. I have got a confirmation msg from vodafone 3 days ago. That night my bsnl number got disconnected. When I insert my vodafone sim it says sim registration failed. Now even bsnl sim is also not working. I had negative balance in my bsnl that the problem by any chance.. If yes what can I do now??? Plzzzzz help me

  36. pramod kolhapur Reply


    i wanted to port from my airtel num to some other service as i didnt have free msgs in airtel… so two days back i sent that portability msg correctly… i even got a portability code… but then i got a call from airtel n they said that they ll activate free msgs and also with a lesser call rate within two days so i cancelled that portability by sending ‘ CNCL’ to 222 and stayed with airtel.. but that offer which was promised by airtel is not activated yet… so i sent that portability msg again before 30min but have not yet got the code.

    so my question is ‘ is it possible that once we cancel a portability option by sending CNCL to 222, cant we send the portabilty msg again n avail that port out option???

  37. Prithvi Reply

    Reliance su**s.. those f***ing b******s dont care for the people.. always in search of money making.. Is there any way other than throw out the phone to convert from reliance CDMA..

  38. viraj Reply

    my existing sim is bsnl- jodi kamal ki postpaid. i want to port in docomo. i have q. about the post paid bills. what should i do???

      • tina Reply

        hey Dipak.. As per the rules it says that the porting id lasts for only 24 hrs but as per the message i recieved from airtel it says that my id expires on 24/4/2011… What does it mean?

        • tina Reply

          sorry… I meant Deepak… 🙂
          Please help me with my problem.. 🙂

        • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

          Tina, there’s nothing that the UPC remains valid only for 24 hours. As per the message you received, porting code once requested remains valid for 15 long days.

  39. Jeetendra Reply

    I am in rajasthan and I am using vodafone Prepaid No. Can I change it to as Gujarat No.

    I mean to say that should Rajasthan Mobile Number will change to Gujarat Number ( same Mobile No.)


  40. Pankaj Bajaj Reply

    Hi Deepak,

    I am having a postpaid connection & have some deposit with the provider.
    now I want to know about the deposit if I port my mobile number to service provider.
    As in prepaid connection the deposit got lapsed or would I get the deposit back.

    Please reply.

    Pankaj Bajaj

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Hi Pankaj, you’ll probably have to visit the office of your current operator to settle the account before submitting port out request.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Though not very sure, I guess, you’ll have to get the services restored with your previous operator just to get the UPC at least.
      I am not sure if there’s any other way to get the porting code without sending SMS from the same number. Just check out with your service provider for the same.

  41. Mohammed Irfan Reply

    I have applied For MNP From Vodafone No. (9820502433) to BPL on 26th January…. But Still No action has been taken from BPL… Only I recieve 2-3 massages that your request is under progress…

  42. viraj Reply

    thnx for d reply.. if i want to port out from dis month, can i submit a xerox of my january’s bill?? and, after porting, will i get d last bill of feb.?? and plz tell me dat, my existing [plan is jodi kamal ki. bsnl says dat it(jodi kamal ki) is contract wid bsnl. so, ppl shud port out both d sims. wat is ur suggestion??

  43. Vishal Reply

    I have converted my airtel number to Idea but i am facing some problems and i want to move to airtel again.

    Can you please guide me?

    How much time should i have to wait?

    Thanks in advance.

  44. p.s.sastry Reply

    Now I am on reliance CDMA postpaid. AND, If I want to port to BSNL , POSTPAID

    1. If I want to port to BSNL POSTPAID, is it necessary to go for another handset? If so, CDMA set or GSM set?

    2. If Iwant to port to BSNL PREPAID, Is it necessary to go for a new handset? Which set?

    PLEASE enlighten me.


    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      If you are porting from CDMA to GSM or vice-versa, you’ll have to purchase a new handset anyways, doesn’t matter whether you choose pre/postpaid.

  45. Abhijit Saha Reply

    Can i shift from one state to another under mobile portability with the same service provider

  46. Siva Reply

    I sent SMS to 1900 to port my reliance GSM number. I got a reply saying “your request could not be processed. Try after some time”. Though I tried four times in 2 days, I get the same message only. I paid the bill till 17th of February 2011. Why is it so? What should I do? kindly advice me.

  47. ashu Reply

    its a big stupidity to move to airtel.
    they are the worst service provider ever…

  48. manju Reply

    I am using reliance GSM number and i am really frustrated with the service so i have decide to move to Airetl but the realinace number i am using is taken by using my friends identity proof now he is away . Can i submit my documents to the new operator or it should be my friends only.?

  49. Medharthi Sharma Reply

    Is 1900 toll free?
    What should I do if the service provider say ‘Idea’ does not let the msg pass?

  50. bingaa roxx Reply

    i hav a reliance CDMA phone nd i want 2 convert it to vodafone…
    the problem is dat..
    u cant read messages in dis reliance CDMA phone… from where else can i get the portibility code..???

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Though am not very sure, you can request customer care guys to give your UPC. Else, you’ll have to repair/change your handset to send text message and get the UPC.

  51. mirza Reply

    Can i change my reliance cdma numb to reliance gsm numb(same state)

  52. steve lamba Reply

    Does anyone if vodafone has bought out Aircel. In Delhi region when U call an aircel mobile number, vodafone announcement comes in play. Or Do these companies share their resorces when one is busy like airline code sharing. U buy air ticket on one but one gets to fly the other airline. Its nice to get upgraded services at cheaper cost.

    Is there a telecom expert out there who can throw some light on it.

    Or is this a devious method by which the service operators manipulate something. like its shown in the foreign movies.

    Even the serviuce operator Aircel is unable to explain the condition.

    Pls comment

  53. deepak Reply

    i have reilande GSM prepaid connection i want to port my no in DOCOMO ,but reilance not provide port no my connetion was 3 year old ,so please sugest me fast ………..

  54. deepak Reply

    i have reilande GSM prepaid connection i want to port my no in DOCOMO ,but reilance not provide port no my connetion was 3 year old ,so please sugest me fast ………..

  55. lankapraneeth Reply

    can i change my GSM number to BSNL number?
    I am using TATA GSM set only in that case do i have to buy new mobile also!
    reply me as soon as possible

  56. Dr. Aman Reply

    i had got port no from Air tel to shift vodafone and process all the formalities but given port number was used by another customer of airtel they are refusing to give new port no what i can do they behaving like king what i can do

  57. Nipun Reply

    If i move my Postpaid no, what will happen to my security deposit? will i get it or not?

  58. Neha Reply

    Can i change CDMA to GSM by MNP?
    I am having Reliance CDMA set. I want to change to some other network. Is it is possible..plz tell..

  59. kailsh kumar Reply

    can i change my airtel number to BSNL number
    pleas reply

  60. rishav Reply

    hey wat is d best operator for postpaid…..plz reply….i hav tata indicom….its msg pck is mahabakwas….cn u suggest which is d bst operatr in postpaid havin gud msg pcks….?????

  61. Pradeep Reply

    Hi Deepak, Your support here answering all the MNP related queries is highly appreciable.

    I need your advice for an MNP issue.

    I gave a request at Chennai to shift my Reliance CDMA no to Airtel no. I get an sms after 4 days from Airtel stating that the request has been rejected due to Contractual obligation. I checked with Airtel for more details on this contractual obligation but they had no clue what it is and asked me to speak to reliance cust care. When i called reliance cust care they also had no great idea. they just repeated 3 possible issues

    1. Negative Balance ( Not applicable for me as i an in post paid)
    2. Premium number ( My number is surely not a premium or anywhere near to a premium number) This also not applicable.
    3. They said May be you have some special offer which you have avvailed (I have not availed any special offer from Reliance) This also looked invalid.

    Now this cust care is not able to give me the exact reason for the rejection as he has no clue.

    On putting pressure he asked me to go to Reliance office or Web world.

    I have a tight work schedule and have no time to roam around for this. They are not providing any direct number where i could get the reason for the rejection.

    Reliance is as usual frustrating me and expect me to run to their office 10 times and request , plead and beg. Heights of Bearucracy.

    What is the solution for this. I want to escalate this up. How do i do this.

    What are the various defined reasons for which an existing operator could reject an application for MNP. If you leave it to the existing operator like Reliance they will reject 1 in 5 applications.

    Please help .

    Thanks in advance


    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Hi Pradeep, sorry for late reply!
      Well, all I would tell is try again with the same procedure and you’ll probably be able to get the number ported.
      This is just a wrong tactic many operators are following these days.

  62. Manish Jadli Reply

    loop has canceled my number because we where trying to port out
    pleas help what to do

  63. deepak Reply

    i want to port my no bsnl to tata docomo i get a upc no but a message come on my mobile your request reject aa due to upc mismatch nn what should i do

  64. pratham soni Reply

    hy sir , this is pratham soni from disha clg !!

    sir i’ve sent a request to the mob. no portability but didn’t get my code from two days 🙁 what should i do ?

  65. Venkata Reply

    Hi Deepak,

    I am using vodafone in AP. Can i use the same number in Tamil nadu in same network????

  66. Amit Reply

    Earlier I was using Tata CDMA and now PORT OUT to Tata Docomo.
    Now I am facing major problem in Indoor Range problem in our area. Can I PORT OUT again on this ground before 90 days of PORT IN to Tata Docomo.

  67. Pankaj Bajaj Reply

    What about the security deposit with the old operator, in case of Mobile Number Portability.
    I mean to ask would I get refund of the security deposit I have deposited with the old service provider if I port my mobile to another service provider.

  68. Jevian Reply

    I used to live in Chhattisgarh and now i’m transferred to Maharashtra ….
    The roaming is killing my wallet ; Can i get the same no. over here….
    If yes what is the procedure…..?

  69. Ajay Tewari Reply

    Hi Mr. Deepak,

    I want to port from my MTNL Prepaid mobile number to Vodafone Postpaid. Is it possible ?



  70. bikram Reply

    i have tried porting my number from airtel to Vodafone but airtel is making objection … they say the adress with them is not same in proof that i am giving…… my number is 10 years old and i dont remember the adress proof i have given to them…

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      No operator usually tally the address proof. They must be fooling you to retain you on their n/w.

      Try again, if unsuccessful, you can lodge a complaint with Nodal/Appellate authority.

  71. Harsh Priyadarshi Reply

    A sim card shopkeeper said I would have to pay him Rs. 150 to port my tata docomo number to Uninor. Is that Justified?

  72. Mehmood Ali Reply


    i message PORT to 1900 2 times balance is deducted but got message not sent network is uninor.

    can u tell me how to get this done by calling.

    Stupid uninor.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Yes, we’ve been getting similar complaints from other users too. Suggest you to call customer care and mention about your problem. If the problem persists, let me know!

  73. vijay Reply

    I want to know which mobile service provider is best in Maharashtra for STD calling and for internet in postpaid or prepaid

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Dear Vijay, there’s lots of benchmarks to determine quality of services such as location, your usages, etc.. Will suggest you to consult with your local friends about the operator they are satisfied with.

  74. Rajneesh Reply

    Dear Sir

    Can I port my prepaid numer from Punjab to Andhra Pradesh

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Dear Rajneesh, at the moment that is not possible. But with the introduction of NTP 2012 (National Telecom Policy), inter-state number portability will definitely be possible in the coming months.

  75. shuvam sarkar Reply

    it is clear to me that i have to send a sms to my existing sevice provider authority and i will receive a sms containing code.then it is to be submitted to the provider of my choice but how?

  76. vijay pahwa Reply

    I want to shift Airtel to MTNL operator with a prepaid connection.What should I do?

  77. Shrinath Reply

    Hi Deepak,

    I am migrating from Vodafone to Airtel. and after long fight with Airtel people my application accepted after 12 days and got confirmation MSG as “We are processing your request” on the same day when my ‘Unique Porting Code’ was going to expire and the same day i got another MSG from Vodafone too saying that “We will validate your request and will revert on confirmation by 96hrs”. So my question is whether is there any chance of failure in porting process after Expiration of UPC or once the process starts before expiration will be finalize?? Please revert as Nobody is answering properly Either that retailer shop person or Airtel Customer Care people. Am having some hopes from you itself.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Hi Shrinath, sorry for late reply. Well, I am skeptical that the porting will be successful as the UPC expiry date is nearing.

      Well, even I have had to face a similar issue long back and I had to reinitiate the process by generating new UPC.


    Can i change my reliance cdma numb to reliance gsm numb(same state)
    & same reliance services
    please request to you when start my new sim
    I new sim received 10-09-2012 & PAID CHARGE 50/- RUPEES

  79. sunit Reply

    I want to know that My CDMA TATA INDICOM Mobile No to convert it In GSM with different service provider. IS it Possible & how Much I will pay for it.
    pls tell me about it complete information

  80. A.K. Verma Reply

    Dear all, we are airtel corporate consumer & we have faced lot of problem in airtel corporate network/service & their representative did not support us as any time, also we are called again & again to them for the resolving that problem.

    Airtel not bed but their service network or staff are totally unprofessional.

  81. Vinay Reply

    I am using a CDMA Mobile # and i want it to be converted In to GSM prepaid # with different service provider. Pls let me know the complete details about it.

    thank you,

  82. Vaibhav Limaye Reply

    I am not getting port number from my service provider which is Reliance CDMA. I had SMS to 1900 two times from my number but did not get reply. How much max time it takes to get reply from service provider?

    Also i am not getting the meaning of (The unique porting code will be valid only for 24 hours) in above paragraph. Should anybody can tell me ?

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Vaibhav, call complaint helpline @ 198 and ask them for your porting code. They must give. If not, let me know.

      Regarding UPC validity – the code keeps changing. You can port your number only with a valid and active UPC.

      • Vaibhav Limaye Reply

        Deepak, i am suffering the disadvantages of CDMA phones now. My cell mike is not working. So can’t communicate with customer care (rather anyone). Due to CDMA can’t use friend’s cell (all are GSM). Only SMS is the option that is working. But not getting the reply from 1900.

  83. New Game Set for Corporate Mobile Portability Reply

    All Telecom Operator’s saying that we can not port Corporate Mobile Connections, Do not know How and Why. What to do………really Frustrating

  84. Suprotim Sarker Reply

    I have to change my Uninor number by 18th of January. Can I change the circle, i.e., from Kolkata to West Bengal?

  85. shobhit srivastava Reply

    I have used my mother’s id for my now at the time of mnp my mother’s photo id is required or my id will work..also the shopkeeper has filled wrong surname last time..he has added “ji” in the does it matter?


    I want to change the mobile operator through mobile number portability. but can i get and use the new offers and plans of new operators.


    Is it compulsory to send the message PORT Mobile no. through that personal number which have to be ported or any other phones operator will do ??

  88. sunil Reply

    i want to port out my number from MTS (CDMA) to some other gsm provider, however the CDMA handset that is provided by MTS does not work so i cannot send the port sms from dat handset, how can i start the port out process without sending an sms….

  89. Aftab Reply

    Hi Deepak, thanks for the info. I want to migrate from Reliance CDMA. My only reason is that i need a more savvy handset, which is possible only if i go the GSM way. I am overall happy with the service and conectivity with Reliance so i m worried that the migration might lead to a different set of problems ifi choose the new servie provider incorrectly. Can you recommend a good GSM service provider based on track record? I travel widely within India so connectivity on the go is important. As is overall operating cost. Random inquiry seems to show Airtel as an overall good bet. What do you say.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Yes, Airtel, Reliance (GSM) or Vodafone should be the best bet considering they have license for almost all telecom circles. All the best with the migration! 🙂

  90. Manas Mukherjee Reply

    I want to change my name displayed in Truecaller which was wrongly entered by me earlier. Unable to do the same. Please suggest the way..

  91. leena Reply

    Actually when i bought my sim… I used my father’s id. Now can i show my id and port my sim?

  92. Abhinav Reply

    Hi Deepak,
    I have a bsnl number which my son got by submitting his documents.Can i port the number to vodafone by submitting my documents?

  93. Nivedita Reply

    I had been using a loop postpaid connection for last 3 years. I recently got it converted to prepaid and immediately requested to port it into a vodafone postpaid connection. However my request was cancelled by loop stating “the number have been connected for less than 90 days”. please let me know is the reason justified since I had been using the same number for quite a long time and had only converted it from postpaid to prepaid. There is no clear guideline about this on TRAI website. Please help…

  94. jagbir Reply

    I want to change service provider from tata indicom to airtel with mnp . I have tried to send the sms port space number many times but reply message received from 1901 says invalid message format. What should i do to generate the upc

  95. raani Reply

    HI AM Vodafone customer,so i want to put the port from vodaphone to another network,
    I observed above mentioned steps,in that create UPC number,i didn’t get that point,
    How to generate UPC code plz let me knw as early as possible.

  96. jeeva.s Reply

    I ported vodafone to idea sim
    I hav waited for two weeks.still it didnot get activated
    I called to customer care.they said vodafone will call u and say the offers.i dint got the call
    Hw can get the call
    Plz reply any one…….

  97. Pingback: BSNL customer care nn

  98. manish Reply

    Sir i want to port my uninor number but can’t send sms, because of network their is any way to port number.


    The Vodafone Gallery at Dahisar EAST is charging Rs. 80 for port in requests how can I get it done for Rs 19?

  100. Jawahar Lal Mehta Reply

    Sir I want to reduce of my call rate because I cant’ afford my present call rate so you reduce call rate for two month only
    Thanks my mobile no is 9818544704 of Airtel

  101. rajesh Reply

    mera no 9905747916 hai sabse pahle ye smart ka no tha.maine iska port idea me karya tab se mujhe any type ka otp or kisi bhi company ka varification cod 5 minut ke limited time nahi aata hai wo sms 1hour ya 2hour ke bad aata hai.jisse mai aapna account se payment nahi kar pata koi bhi company se automatic varification code late se milne ke karan no varifiy nahi hota..maini bank ke customer care or service provider se dono se bat ki but dono bank wale kahte hai ye apke service provider ki galti hai or service provider kahte hai ye aapk bank ki galti hai..mai paresan ho kar phir apne no ko idea se uninor me port kiy but same problem hai…baki sara sms aa raha hai kewal otp or koi bhi verification cide aane me hi problem hai..kay port karne me yahi problem aata hai plz bataye…

  102. Yesaiah Reply

    Dear sir

    I want to change my Bangalore Vodafone prepaid no to Chennai Vodafone Postpaid is it possible.

    ID proof’s must be submitted older ones which were submitted in Bangalore or any other also can be given and of which state ID proof must be given

    • Yesaiah Reply

      Dear Jain

      I want to Port my Vodafone prepaid from Bengaluru to Vodafone postpaid in Chennai is it possible.

  103. Ashish Lanjewar Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I have been port my bsnl no to relience. The process of porting started from 10th of November.
    As per the service provider the same no will start after a 1 week but till not yet started. Now i left the porting zone and came at new circle.
    My old sim are not working as well the new sim. So i am facing so much problem please assist.

  104. Iwan Reply

    You have done great job. Your tutorials are very hlepful for newbies.You should also upload tutorials on JAVA, HTML, PHP, MY SQL,Thanks a lot.

  105. Malik Reply

    hi I need to port my number Karnataka circle to Maharashtra circle is it possible to port
    same number???

  106. Bala Reply

    I have a Vodafone number which I plan to migrate to Airtel for a simple reason, I feel very cheated by Vodafone since most of the times I step out of WiFi range, the mobile WiFi which is ‘supposedly’ 3G never comes on and even during the rare times it does, it switches on to 2G.
    Your expert comments?

  107. anil Reply

    kisiko airtel postpaid me port karana ho to call me 9822540038 all mumbai

  108. Manas Bhattacharyya Reply

    I want to port my number from idea postpaid to vodaphone postpaid. But today I attempt so many times using the accurate syntax, I can’t get my porting number.

  109. satheesh kumar Reply

    I have requested to port my Punjab airtel Mobile Number to Assam Punjab Number has blocked after 19 days but not activated on Assam Sim.want to know the reason please.

  110. celltoget Reply

    Awesome things here. I’m ver happy to look your article.
    Thank you so mmuch andd I am taking a look forward to
    touch you. Will you kindly drop mee a mail?

  111. Harshit Reply

    Can I get my contacts saved in sim memory if I get my sim ported..?

  112. YOGESH Reply

    what is leagal timing for a mobile operator to switch off the service after receiving MPN request from other service provider

  113. Avi kumar Reply

    Id proof kiska lagta hai?
    present time sim other person ke name par hai. To kya mnp me mai apne name se port kara sakta hu?

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