Mobile went Dead for Fake IMEI Issue? Here is what to do now

If you are from India and using a China based non-branded phone then probably you must be facing issues in making calls and receiving incoming calls with frequent error messages saying “invalid SIM” or so. Chances are most likely that your phone is been blocked by your service provider for having a non IMEI mobile or one with fake IMEI. Refer to our earlier post wherein we mentioned that mobiles with fake IMEI will be banned by 1st Decemberinvalid_SIM_IMEI_problem

What to do to get Genuine IMEI now?

According to reports, there are still ~20 million cellular customers in India using mobile handsets having either fake IMEI or no IMEI at all. So if you are one with similar issue and your mobile is been blocked by your cellular operator, then you have no option but to wait for further notification from Govt. of India and telecommunication department wherein, as per experts, they may give one last chance to such mobile users to reactivate their dead phones by implanting a genuine IMEI number from an authorized implanting office near you. But as per the experts that I had personally talk with, customers with dead phones will have to wait around 10-15 days tentatively to get a chance to implant genuine IMEI on their mobile and get them working!

If you are one such user, then you have no option but to wait for the officials to come up with a good news for you.


genuine IMEI implantation

Many IMEI implantation centers are still ready to implant dead mobiles with genuine IMEI though the official site and their officials still tell that the program has been closed officially. So check out with your nearest IMEI plantation center if you are lucky enough to get your dead mobile working. 🙂

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  1. shoeb khan Reply

    hii wanna know how to unlock the china phone online means how to register china mobile IMEI no online

  2. sabina Reply

    i have a china nokia n 96..
    whn i put the sim it shows invalid sim..
    please help me with the problem..

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