The New Sensation from Motorola – This Time its Not a Phone

We at Mobile Gyaan don’t generally write about anything other than phones, because we in the strictest sense, are a mobile blog. Tablet PCs and laptops are not quiet our territory, but this time we are stepping beyond to talk about the new sensation – “The Motorola Tablet.

motorola tablet

Well, there are two simple reasons for it:

  1. Motorola’s new T.V commercial is too tempting to be silent about. And like every other person who saw it, we too couldn’t resist  buzzing about it.
  2. The line between phones and tablet PCs is getting thinner every day. And as long as they are exciting us what is the need to even tell them apart.

Motorola Tablet TV Commercial:

This new 2 minute ad has already crossed one million views on Youtube. It shows the history of tablets right from the Egyptian times and points out flaws in them. The last among all is the new tablet from Motorola which is placed atop a pedestal. but unfortunately its under a black veil. A lot of buzz is created around this promo, some of which can be attributed to the way in which it points out setbacks in the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Motorola openly states that the iPad is just a giant iPhone and that the galaxy tab uses an OS which isn’t build for tablet PCs at all. This might be a good strategy to build sensation around a new launch but Motorola must realize that it also increases expectations. Whatever it is, we would love to see the biggies fight it out, wouldn’t we?

The name and features of the new device aren’t disclosed as of yet neither is the OS known. But there are speculations that it might run Android 3.0 honeycomb. Such rumors are strengthened by the fact that towards the end, the promo shows a Bee flying past the device.

Well, all the speculations and excitement will be put to rest on Jan 6 as Motorola promises to unveil the device at CES (consumer electronics show) 2011. Till then lets hope that it be something revolutionary the world of Tablets be rocked- amen.

Do tablets excite you? Do let us know what’s buzzing on your mind after watching this video?


  1. amaury Reply

    This news is a week old, and you’re not revealing anything new about the subject. Why do you enven bother to post this?

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      Sorry to disappoint you. But, as mentioned earlier in the post, tablets doesn’t come under our purview and we thought this might be something of our readers’ interest.
      We’ll take care about it in the future though. 🙂

  2. Piplzchoice Reply

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