Mozilla Launches Firefox 4.0 for Android and Maemo based Devices

Android users have reason to cheer as Mozilla has launched its latest web browser for phones, Firefox 4.0 in the market. Firefox 4.0 is available for both Android and Maemo devices, but it doesn’t support phones with ARM v6 based CPU and Adobe Flash.

This browser has many exciting features such as tabbed browsing, Firefox Sync and Firefox Add-ons. It is even nearly 3 times faster than the stock browser on your Android based device. Firefox even has the JaegerMonkey JIT compiler to increase the page downloading speed and even support better graphics.

With Firefox 4.0, you can save your favorite page to a PDF file, so that you can check it out later when you are offline. Firefox even offers secure synchronization with proper end-to-end encryption.

Mozilla even offers more customization and better tools for developers such as support for HTML5 and improvements in CSS and Canvas.Through HTML5, you even get Location-Aware Browsing,accelerometer, desktop notifications and device orientation.

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 can be downloaded from Android market (Android 2.0 and above) and via browser for Maemo devices.

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