Must have Communication and Networking Apps for Android

Nowadays, a majority of the phones available in the market run on Google’s Android operating system. There are thousands of applications under various categories, and this makes it difficult for  new users to choose the right app. In this article, we list out a few “must have” apps in the category of mobile communication. The apps which we list out here are all free of cost and have been tested on an Android 4.0 (ICS) OS in Samsung Galaxy S2.

1. Whatsapp


This is a free messenger service available for all OS platforms. The beauty of this application being, it synchronizes with your phone-book, and finds out all your friends already present on Whatsapp, in a jiffy. The best part is that you can share photos, videos, audio, etc free of cost and will never need to send an MMS again or SMS again. You, however, must have a 2G/3G/WiFi connection to use this app. You can even form a group where multiple users can send messages, photos,etc.

Whatsapp download link

2. Viber

ViberViber allows you to call or message any other viber contact free of cost. Viber is available for major OS platforms such as Android, iOS,etc. You can talk free of cost to a viber contact anywhere in the world. We have tested this and the calls have a reasonably good clarity in voice. However, for viber to function more efficiently, you need to have a WiFi or 3G connection as it is faster. This application gives you the option of free/paid call or message as well. In case of bad network, the application suggests that you make a paid call through your network operator. Here also, just like WhatsApp, you can send photos and also make groups.Download link



This is the official Skype application for Android. As usual, you can make free voice/video calls to any other Skype contact. You can send messages via 2G but calls (especially video calls) should preferably be made on WiFi/3G only. We have tested the video call feature on this application and it works beautifully. However you should try not to move the phone much, otherwise the video for the recipient gets distorted. You can even buy Skype credit to make paid calls to landline and mobile numbers.

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This is the official Facebook application made for Android. You get all the usual features which you access while logging onto Facebook from the computer. The interface is also quite simple to use and easy to understand. You just click on an icon on the left of the homepage to access features such as messages, friends, pokes, photos, account settings, etc. Through the icon on the right, you can access all your friends who are currently logged in. Recently, improvements have been made to the photo tagging feature, and the application is constantly updated also, based on user reviews.

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5.Facebook Messenger

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Facebook Messenger

This is a simpler version of the Facebook application. You do not have most of the features associated with Facebook. However, you can simply chat with your online contacts or message those who are offline. The application is pretty fast and very smooth and saves you from all the complications of the Facebook App. You can even have a group chat and include your location(optional). You also get push notifications from your contacts. This app is a convenient alternative to messaging as its free and most of your contacts will be having a Facebook profile.

Download link

6. Twitter


There are many applications available for Twitter, but we decided to go with the official one as it is easy to use, user friendly and with maximum downloads on the Android play store. You get all the usual features such as continuous updates, search facility, ability to tweet messages, photos, etc. You even get suggestions on whom to follow and on what your friends follow. The user interface is simple and convenient. You get push notifications also and the app is being updated continuously and improvements are being made.

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  1. Ankit Reply

    I can’t even think of a day without these apps :/
    WhatsApp and FaceBook are on the toplist for me.

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