8 Amazing Netflix Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Netflix Tips and Tricks 2019

Netflix primarily is a subscription-based streaming service which offers online streaming of a library of films and television programs, including those produced in-house. Here is a consolidated list of 8 best tips and tricks you should be using in 2019 on your Android Smartphone.

  • Use a VPN to access more Netflix content – Netflix often restricts content as per geographical reach. Hence you may or may not be able to see your favorite content even if its available on Netflix. Using a VPN service like Super VPN can let you access country-specific content very easily. Download and install the VPN app, change your country, get connected and you are good to go.
  • Download your favorite content – This is a native and default feature available on most of the online streaming services. You can actually download the content and keep it ready for later use. Simply choose the content you like and hit the download button next to the content listing. The content downloaded is strictly available through the Netflix app. The downloaded content shall be available for use even if you have no internet connectivity available. All of your downloaded Netflix episodes shall be available on the apps download section.
  • Share is caring – Another cool feature Netflix has is the ability to share the content you like on various platform like WhatsApp, Instagram Stories, FB messenger and even through native messaging apps. The shared content shall be accessible for people only through their Netflix app installed on their Android devices.
  • Enable Descriptive Narrations – Netflix lets you make the content narrative when you are watching but busy with some other work as well. While the content is playing on full-screen mode, click on “Audio and Subtitles“. From the resultant menu choose “English – Audio Description“. This will describe what’s going on the screen that makes it easy for you to know whats going on with your content even if you are not looking at the mobile screen.
  • Change Profile Picture – Though the app does not let you set your own picture, it does allow you to select from various preset profile pictures. The profile pictures are extracted from the content you watch on a daily basis. Click on More->Manage Profiles->Click on the Pencil Icon->Press on the profile picture and choose any one from the available ones on the list. 
  • Sign out from everywhere – Force Netflix to logout from every device you have been using in the past. Using this feature your account will be logged out from every possible device you have ever logged. Click on More->Account->Scroll down a bit to find and click “Sign Out of All Devices”.
  • Use Voice Commands – With Android and inbuilt Google Assistant you can start streaming any of your favorite series on Netflix. Simply say “Ok Google”, Play (Series Name) on Netflix”. This would start streaming the episode immediately. This becomes even handier when you have a Google Home device or a Google Assitance enabled device available with Netflix installed.
  • Delete Netflix Browsing History – Netflix uses your search keywords to show related content for a better viewing experience. You can also delete your browsing history by clicking on More->Account->On the next page, scroll down and click on “Viewing Activity“. Under the hood simply click on 🚫 to remove individual titles furnishes in the list.

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