Nokia launches Asha 308 & 309 Smartphones in India

nokia Asha 308 309 India launch

During the last week of September we reported about Nokia unveiling 2 new smartphones – Asha 308 & Asha 309 in its Asha series of phones, that Nokia claims, are the most affordable and cheapest capacitive touch phones from the company so far. Nokia has recently launched both of these phones in India. Asha 308 and 309 are available online for a tentative price tag of Rs. 5,590/- and Rs. 5,990/- respectively.

nokia Asha 308 309 India launch

Both, Nokia Asha 308 and 309 are 2G based devices with full 3.0″ capacitive touch screen supporting common features like multiple home screens, FM radio, upto 32GB of expandable memory capability. Though the major difference between the two is, Asha 308 is a dual SIM device while its 309 counterpart is a single SIM based phone but having WiFi support.

These phones also comes with premium benefits of Nokia Music (download over 4.5 million songs for free), 40 free EA games, free Nokia Nearby Application pre-installed to name a few of them.

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More about Nokia Nearby:

Here’s a quote from the official statement of Nokia about Nokia Nearby:

Nokia Nearby is an additional application to Nokia Maps 2.0 and is available preloaded on the new Nokia Asha 308 /Nokia Asha 309 and can be launched via the Nokia Xpress Browser. It helps users to discover, search and share places without knowing in advance what they are looking for. For example it will help consumers to discover places close to their location or elsewhere. Nokia Nearby searches within a 10 km radius of the phone’s location and presents results in popular categories such as ‘Eat & Drink’, ‘Shopping’, etc. Consumers can then simply choose the category they want to explore and view the available options on a map. They can then search for specific places and read ratings and reviews and share their location or POI easily on Facebook.

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