Nokia N900: Price, Specifications, Images and Videos

This device by Nokia – N 900 will definitely blow you off if you are a cell freak. It is powered with Maemo based operating system unlike any other Nokia devices that comes with Symbian OS. Though, the information about a maemo based device was  leaked more than a week ago, but Nokia has  officially announced this phone during Nokia world 2009 in Germany.

Just keep reading to know the full specifications and price of this powerful device powered with powerful maemo operating system! 😉

Specifications of Nokia N900:

  • 3.5 inch touch screen
  • 800×480 pixels display
  • 3.5 mm audio/video connector
  • Up to 1GB of application memory
  • 32 GB internal storage, additionally expandable to 16 GB
  • 5 Megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens and dual LED flash
  • 3.5G, Wi-fi connectivity and GPS receiver
  • 3 rows hardware qwerty keyboard and on screen qwerty keyboard
  • Linux Maemo based operating system (multi tasking support)
  • Maemo browser powered by Mozilla technology
  • Adobe Flash support
  • TV out and much more!

Price of Nokia N900:

As per official announcement, the price of Nokia N900 would be 500 Euros that equals to ~35000 INR but as of now there is no official confirmation whether or not this device is going to be launched in my country (India).

Images of Nokia N900:

nokia n900 nokia n900 keyboard nokia n900 camera Nokia n900 touchscreen nokia n900

Nokia N900 Videos:

Promotional video of Nokia N900

Nokia N900 hands on and demo of maemo OS

Another one to demonstrate maemo’s UI

By seeing these videos, I feel 35K is no big price for such a cool gadget provided Nokia consider selling this phones in India. Also I feel, this device will definitely keep N97 behind in the race! Isn’t it?


  1. Gagan Reply

    Well, for nokia n97, I can only say that it was not upto my expectations, hope N900 will fulfill my needs…..
    By the way, what would you say about Neo Freerunner??
    I am a linux geek and freerunner works on linux platform which is highly customizable and can be programmed to work like you want it to be…..

  2. dilin Reply

    The nokia n97 was more likely aimed at the social networking folk. The n900 is more of a nerd/geek device than a general phone. Nokia has aimed more at getting an image within geek circles than actually selling phones.

    And i support them for it.

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  4. Indian Reply

    Nokia N900 is an appealing phone. The resolution and quality of the screen is very good in which a user can watch video at its best. The functions of the handset are so easy that a person can operate it without reading the manual.

    Really I like this phone and would prefer to go for.

  5. pricereview Reply

    Nokia N900 has internal memory Up to 32 GB and expendable Up to 48 GB. It’s just like a mini computer that you always kept in your pocket. You can save a huge data in Nokia N900. . So all in all this is a nice 3G smart phone.

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