Nokia’s Production Timeline, A Must Watch!

Nokia1Recently I stumbled on a image, wherein all the handsets manufactured by Nokia since 1982 (its first) are showcased in a timeline. And it is after viewing this image, I really believe that a picture is worth thousand words! πŸ™‚


(Click on the above pic to view a clearer and bigger image)

As the image is a timeline of Nokia’s handset production, all the handsets manufactured by Nokia are arranged in the order they were produced starting from left to right, top to bottom. Also to add up to the image, you will be surprised to know that Nokia has produced more than 400 models of phones since the day it started manufacturing phones!

(Image credits: CIID)


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  2. Gagan Reply

    Awesome piece of info buddy…..
    Contains all the phones I have used except for the present one…..
    really cool timeline….

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