Nokia X7 – A Comeback by Nokia?

nokia x7 rumored pic

(Rumored to be Nokia X7 Pic)

Is Nokia History?

The rise of android, iPhone, Windows mobile and the Blackberry often makes one wonder if Nokia is dead? If not, will it ever be able to revive itself to its earlier standards? Will it be able to survive the battle of the OS. Is it the end of the Finnish giant that put mobile phones in each of our hands? Or does the long silence mean its cooking something inside? Is it planning a comeback?

Back with a Bang!

Well the answer lies in its next offering, ‘THE NOKIA X7‘. Its a 4”, full-touch (without physical qwerty) quad-speaker phone, presumably running a newer version of Symbian. That’s all we could make out of the leaked pictures of the phone, as there has been no official announcement yet. The phone in the picture also sports AT&T’s logo which suggests it will come paired with the carrier in U.S.A. There is also a video of the phone doing rounds on the internet in which you can see Need for speed-shift being run on the phone. Here the X7 seems to be pulling off this high-on-graphics game pretty well. You can also see how well the accelerometer responds on the video below.

Nokia X7 Unique design

But the beauty of the phone lies in its unique design. The phone looks roughly similar to the N8 but with a twist of its own. The edges are flattened up to make way for the four speakers which would offer amazing sound experience. A 8 megapixel camera with flash can also be seen. It has a 4′ AMOLED screen, which has never been seen in a Nokia before (Boy, aren’t these AMOLED screens catching up quick!)

Nokia x7 and Symbian 4

One would expect this phone to run Symbian 3, which is the latest version of the OS so far. But the pictures suggest otherwise. Symbian 3 supports only 3 home-screens, but this phone clearly has four. Thus it can be fairly expected that the phone is bringing in with it a new version of the dying OS.

Retaining the hard-earned reputation

In countries like India, Nokia still enjoys widespread patronage. People here don’t mind missing out on the innumerable apps offered by android and iphone, all they need is reliability. And reliability for them is synonymous to NOKIA. How long will Nokia be able to maintain this status is what remains to be seen.

Are you still a Nokia fan-boy? What opinion do you have about the Nokia X7? Will it be just-another-Nokia or something different from that? Would love to hear from you readers via comments.


  1. Shyne, KLA Reply

    It’s a shame that reporter is has no clue about what symbian is and what NOKIA upto..? Try to know more before writing craps like this.
    There is no symbian 4, the current version will get constant updates in the future which means once you brought a symbian phone you will get all new stuffs eventually. X7 will come with 4inch CBD screen which is similar to E7.X series is for entertainment like games music that kind of stuff…
    NOKIA are focusing on Qt for symbian and meego so they are not dead…

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      Sorry to disappoint you. But if you can read the post, we have already mentioned that the info. posted are just speculations by our team and there’s no such official announcement about Symbian ^4 or X7’s hardware.

  2. Arjoma Reply

    I’m using a Symbian^1 Device at the moment and I have also used the N8. The Usability of them is really horrible unless you install apps which improve the systrm.
    But Nokia has to change Symbian completely (not only music player and task manager) and even then it will be really hard to compete with the growing numberof Android devices e.g. The OS on the X7 looks as bad as it always did (oh, one awful homescreen more!) and even the design looks cheap. Who in the world needs four speakers?? If this is the way Nokia wants to survive I won’t buy a Nokia again.

  3. Gaurav Reply

    X7 specs are still not out so weather its running Symbian 3 or 4 is questionalble. Yes Nokia is catching it lost market. As far as hardware, reliability and durability they are still the best. They only need to come of with some better UI(without lossing the usability) and revise their pricing policies.

  4. temp Reply

    Bulls**t fellows, Nokia never be History. So many mind less fellows will write these kind of comments without having work in their home. Do some useful stuff and don’t bother about NOKIA.

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      Sorry again to disappoint you. We never intend to publish any false information. Its just something we thought would be interest for you readers πŸ™‚

  5. imran Reply

    if nokia had launched n8 with android i would have been the first one to take it

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      I too agree that Nokia and Android can make a great combi. Lets just hope someday Nokia decides to produce handsets running on Android OS.

  6. Arjoma Reply

    @ Deepak Jain Of course it would be the best Hardware-Software combination (in my opinion).But I think someone at Nokia has made a silly comment about never using Android (something about a Finnish boy pissing in his trousers to keep himself warm…)

  7. AJ Reply

    I wonder who said Windows hsa grown? One look at the market share says it all. Its fallen to single digit, and is practically out!! Your article shoul;d have spoken about ITS future!!

  8. Dnyanesh Mankar Reply

    Nokia should work on the OS. It should drop symbian and should look for alternatives such as android or WP7. I had a look at C7, C6-01, N8 and I can say that the hardware is decent but the s/w lacks the oomph.

  9. Rohit Reply

    Nokia still hasn’t digested the fact that their symbian OS which made it world’s biggest mobile company is slowly getting out of fashion. See Android came 2-3 years back and took over the market)…its getting more popular than even iphone (i thought of buying an iphone4 but gave up when i got to know that this 40k icrap does’t even support flash!) So Nokia’s ego comes in front of it when considering the “kal ka chhora” android os πŸ˜›

  10. Anjanu Sonkar Reply

    “Nokia Should drop Symbian” – > Well said Rohit !!! What a JOKE…what a…what a JOKE!!! u all people are illiterate yes u all are illiterate…dont know anything about Symbian…all that matters for u is Looks and Style…come on people Symian is not bad…not bad at all to be Dead…its improving. Its a OS that we r talking about…Apple said that if nokia drops symbian Nothing will happen as its to good to be dead any body will take and modify it for their own benefits is good

    • Deepak Jain Reply

      @Anjanu, well, its all Rohit’s take about Symbian and it doesn’t really mean he’s illeterate. Its all personal choice.
      No hard feelings! πŸ™‚

  11. harshal Reply

    Hey deepak, do u have any idea about Nokia c6-01.
    Is it available in india? at what price?
    Thanks in advance.

  12. Anup Mahajan Reply

    i think nokia x7 almond clip is not looking good if this is manufacture in square then will be looking smart.

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