Now Watch YouTube Videos Flawlessly on Your Mobile

youtube logo YouTube has been the most loved video service on the internet filled with loads of videos that one has to look out for. No matter what you are looking for, either tech reviews, how-to, movie clips, etc. all of them are here, and the best part is that they are for free.

To add stars to this free service, a couple of hours ago, Youtube has come up with a mobile application using which a Windows or Symbian S60 mobile phone user can easily search and stream YouTube videos using either a GPRS/3G or a WI-FI network.

A user willing to use YouTube on his/her mobile, first needs to download a small youtube application from Here is a quick video of a guy using youtube application on his Symbian S60 based Nokia mobile phone.

There?s no doubt that this move is welcome but its sad to know that the youtube application supports only Windows and Symbian S60 devices. Hope, keeping in mind its demand, Google will soon develop such apps for other mobile OS!! 🙂

Link: Official Release


  1. ksbnok Reply

    Hi deepak coming for the 1st time on ur site could u tell me how to sign any unsigned symbian app am trying but am not able to do it lets see if u can help actually I wanna install psiloc irremote on n73 free of cost, sorry for the irrelevancy of the comment

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