One Plus 6 Arrival Confirmed by Company CEO Pete Lau

OnePlus 5T’s humongous success has set the company on par with other premium smartphone manufacturers across the globe. OnePlus 5T is by far the fastest and the best selling product in the company’s entire basket of smartphones. Nearly bezels less display, top-notch hardware, decent dual camera setup, face recognition unlocking, star wars edition, lava red edition and the classic sandstone white edition and close to stock android operating system nearly blew away the competition to a great extent.


Now as we are in 2018 we are again expecting another installment of the OnePlus smartphone. In a recent interview with CNET, the CEO Pete Lau said that the device would be launched in accordance with the company’s last two years streak of launching new phones. OnePlus 6 would be releasing in the late second quarter of 2018 as the OnePlus 5 came. The CEO did not say anything about what the next smartphone would be named but hinted it to be a logically obvious answer. OnePlus 6 would be powered by the latest Snapdragon 845 chipset since there is no other option for the company, Pete Lau said.

Lau was also asked if there will be a second model with the T branding. For the same, he mentioned that he wasn’t quite sure but keeping in mind what happened in the last two years it could be a possibility indeed.

oneplus-6-launch-june-2018 (2)The CEO also said that they are in talks with the US carrier partnership for selling their product. This might be a great breakdown for the company to expand the brand in the US. Getting into a deal with these carriers in the US will certainly help the brand to reach more and more people. But when is that deal going to hit the goal wasn’t clear though.

While asking about incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) as software experiences on smartphones, Pete said they will keep a humble approach to the same as of now.

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