Pay Per Second Plan now with MTS Mobile too! Is it better or DoCoMo still rules?

mts-1 second offer Initially introduced by Tata DoCoMo, the much hyped ‘Pay-per-second’ mobile calling plan has now hit MTS mobile too. Remember the CDMA operator giving away 100000 minutes free talk-time as promotional offer for its new customer? Yes, its the same operator – MTS Mobile that has followed DoCoMo in introducing the ‘Pay-per-second’ plan with a plan-  Msaver 52 pack.

What is Pay-per-second plan?

Under this ‘Pay-per-second’ system, a customer just needs to pay only for the number of seconds he/she had the call conversation for, unlike any other traditional system of paying for 1 complete minute or 30 seconds when you just had a talk for only 1 second or 2 seconds!

M-Saver 52 Pack

For availing the pay per second billing system, a customer needs to recharge his mobile with a one time pack of Rs. 52 called as MSaver Pack. The details of he pack are as follows:

  • MTS Customer needs to recharge with Rs. 52 for just one time for availing the pay-per second tariff
  • Outgoing local calls to MTS mobile will be charged 1 paise for 2 seconds
  • Outgoing to any other local calls would cost 1 paise per second
  • And outgoing to any other STD numbers, would be charged 2paise per second

Tata DoCoMo or MTS for pay-per-second plan?

Though, MTS tried its best to follow DoCoMo’s concept, but still we would prefer to stick up with DoCoMo as there are several other advantages in DoCoMo over M-Saver 52 pack of MTS which are listed in brief here:

  • First of all a MTS customer needs to recharge with Rs. 52 for availing the 1 second tariff plan and there’s no such requirement in DoCoMo
  • For STD calls made via DoCoMo, a customer needs to pay only 1 paise per second but its double in the case of MTS. Yes, as mentioned above, its 2 paise per second!
  • Apart from low calling tariff and activation charges, DoCoMo has its presence in much more areas/telecom circle as compared to MTS and growing faster than MTS

Final words:

We at Mobile Gyaan, would recommend DoCoMo over MTS because of some of the major issues about MTS mentioned above. Do let us know your thoughts these plans.


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