Protect and Improve iPhone looks with Clarifi Casing

clarifi-iphone casing Recently after upgrading myself to a Windows Mobile device, I am getting inclined towards the Apple iPhone and this is what made me order a $31 worth iPhone casing prior to purchasing an iPhone. 😀 Yes, its true that I invested $31 for something that would be useful to me only after a couple of days or even months but after getting the Clarifi ? iPhone casing I was extremely happy to know that my money was worth it.

As seen on the image above, Clarifi is built with high quality glossy materials that makes it stand out of any other iPhone casing. To add to this high quality plastic materials, Clarifi has an inbuilt lens that would improve the images shot using poor iPhone camera. As tested on a friend?s iPhone, Clarifi fits extremely perfect in a 3G version iPhone. So, such an exterior casing is a must have for iPhone users.

Well, much said about the product and its usefulness, coming to the price and availability of the casing. As said earlier, the exterior casing is must needed for iPhone users, but about its price I think $31 is slightly on the higher side but still one can order it if he/she loves his phone more than money via Griffin?s online store or via Amazon (get a flat discount of $10 if ordered via Amazon store).

Before ending the post, attaching along with some high quality pics of Griffin clarifi without a iPhone in it (as said earlier I don?t own a iPhone yet) 😉 Click on any of the images to enlarge them.

Griffin ClarifiGriffin Clarifi (1)Griffin Clarifi (4)Griffin Clarifi (3)Griffin Clarifi (5)clarifi

Links: Griffin Clarifi | Amazon store

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