Protect Sensitive Data on Blackberry Phone with mblVault

mblValutmblValult is a smart tool for Blackberry users that can protect important and sensitive data to be visible to everyone who uses your blackberry device. Basically this tool stores the path of the files and file names that are to be encrypted and makes those files available only to persons having access to its password set by the owner of the phone. Hence, the tool can be really useful for those who want to hide or make some private data inaccessible from everyone who uses your phone.

Also, another advantage of such tool is that, if your phone is lost or misplaced, then no one will be able to read your sensitive data.

Features of mblValut:

  • Import from Device Memory/SD Card
  • Export to Device Memory/SD Card
  • User Defined Password Protection
  • Encrypts Filenames and Content
  • Play/View all files supported by your phone

mblValut is a paid app that costs $3.99 and can be purchased from here.

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