Qik helps you Stream and Share your Videos Live from your Mobile

Recently Qik application started making lots of buzz among mobile lovers and we received many queries via contact forms and twitter mentions asking what is qik all about and what does it do? So, here in this post, we will guide you about qik and let you know how you can make its use in a productive way, handsets supported by this application, charges, etc.

What is Qik?

It is a Free application to share your videos live (real time) on the internet from your mobile phone (supported on Apple, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Maemo and many more devices). Check Here to find if your phone is supported or not .

How to install qik on your device using your pc?

  • Go to Qik.com and Click Get Started.
  • Register with the name an E-mail id or connect it with Facebook connect or Twitter (OAuth).
  • Now Select a username (Eg: qik.com/username) for you so others can view your page.
  • You will get the password as DM (twitter), Message (Facebook), E-mail (Manual registration)
  • You can Change your password from your profile on settings.
  • Enter your mobile number to get the link through SMS and verify it and get the download link.

How to get it from Mobile?

  • Go to d.qik.com on your mobile browser (qik.com on some mobiles) and click download and install it.
  • Open the application and sign in with Existing user, new user or Facebook Connect.

Features on mobile

  • Just Click the Qik app and select stream or share to start recording and tile.
  • Stream it on your qik page.
  • Share it to a person, group, Facebook, Twitter and Brightcove.
  • Mute the Audio.
  • Keep your videos private so only the people you share can see.
  • Stream at 640 or 480 SD video quality.
  • Keep your flash on or off.
  • Change the recording from back camera to from camera if you want to record yourself.
  • Edit the Videos from mobile.

Features on Website

  • The videos shared by you are stored on the my videos section.
  • Connect your networks such as tumblr, blogger, wordpress and more so the videos are posted there as you stream.
  • Follow someone so you can watch their videos as they post on your recent activity.
  • Explore the videos that are posted by people all over the world.
  • Edit or Delete the videos you have posted.

Qik Premium

Qik Premium Video Camera

  • Download your videos, burn them into DVDs and Fast playback on slow connections.
  • Send video messages privately via Email, SMS.
  • This is available on OVI store for $ 4.99
  • More feature will be available for premium users as they are being added.

(Images via nokia5800.net)

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