Reliance Introduces ‘Busy Callertune’ Service

For instance you are travelling or busy in a meeting then it becomes difficult to respond to each of your caller or sending text to each of them telling you are busy in a meeting. In such case, you can activate special ‘busy callertunes’ that are charged on per hour basis and plays special callertunes when someone calls you.


There are various Busy callertunes available (known as profiles), like “low battery”, “in class”, “in meeting”, etc.  You can get the entire list of various profiles and their codes on reliance’s official page

How to set Reliance Busy Callertunes?

SMS the following text from your reliance mobile:

CT <profile name> <time in hrs> to 51234

For ex. “CT DRIVING 3” to 51234
Sending this SMS will change your default callertune to “The person you have called is driving right now” for the next 3 hours. Cool, isn’t it?

Charges for Reliance Busy Callertunes:

  • Subscription: Rs. 30 per month (If you are not already subscribed to callertunes)
  • Charge per hour: Rs. 2
  • Charge per day: Rs. 3

The service definitely seems to be useful and affordable. Personally being a Reliance customer, I would love using this service. What’s your take about it?

Link: Complete list of ‘busy callertune’ profiles available


  1. vicky Reply

    Charges are not much high so everyone can go for this special service.. it will be easy to communicate others tht iam BUSY

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