Reliance offers free GSM Postpaid SIM for existing CDMA Postpaid Customers with Free calling among the two numbers

On 28th March Reliance celebrated 100 million customers milestone by offering unlimited free talk time for all its customers and this time the company is offering a free postpaid GSM SIM card to all its existing postpaid CDMA customers with unlimited free talk time among the two numbers (existing and new).


There would be no registration charges or activation fees for the new GSM postpaid SIM under this offer and, as mentioned earlier, calling between the two numbers (old and new) will be completely free though the customers will have to bear monthly charges as per the plan chosen on their new postpaid GSM number.

A postpaid customer, though needs to satisfy following 2 conditions to avail this offer:

  • Billing name address for both the connections should be same
  • New GSM connection can be applied for in the same circle where the existing CDMA number is used.

Seems like this offer is to achieve next 100 million customers within next 1000 days as targeted by the company.

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