Tips for Safe Mobile Browsing

Do you feel safe to use the internet on your cell phone ? Is it in fact safe to browse on your phone ? Well it is safe if you follow a few steps and use it limitedly when compared to the pc or laptop. Here are a few suggestions which can help you use the web browser on your phone without any worries :

  • Read any link carefully before you click it and be careful before you open any site because remember, clicking just one time can reduce your balance (unless of course you are having an unlimited plan ).
  • Always check your balance after usage and after you finish browsing, check even your packet data usage in the logs.
  • Try to use mobile protocol such as  m. Or wap. instead of www. which you use on pc.
  • It is always advisable to not allow the website to remember the password. So turn off that option.
  • It is always good to clear the cache and cookies if you are browsing often on your mobile
  • Finally, keep updating your anti-virus package on the mobile for safety of data.

These tips can help you browse safely on your mobile phone  and can prevent spam and junk from entering your device. Happy Browsing !

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